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ZM Zigzag-by-the-lake Crit – Full Results

by pedalmag.com

May 10, 2009 (Toronto, Ontario) – Here are the full from the ZM Zigzag-by-the-lake Crit presented by ZM Cycle & Fitness on Sunday, May 10 in Toronto. Bryan Rusche (Dark Horse Flyers, RME.1) and Christiane Knobbe (Team Mcor, RWE.1) were the elite men’s and women’s winners.


Cadet Men – 28.9 km – Average Speed 35.8 km/h
1. Travis Samuel (Mazurcoaching.Com, RMU17) 48:28
2. Kyle Rupay (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg, RMU17)
3. Woody Marrouch (Independent, RMU17) 03:51
DNF Fin Lemaitre (Zm Cycle Fitness, RMU17)
DNS Jason King (Coach Chris.Ca/Ted Velikonja, RMU17)

Elite 4 Men – 28.9 km – Average Speed 35.9 km/h
1. Andrew Zimcik (Independent, RME.4) 48:22
2. John Stephenson (Independent, RME.4) 00:06
3. Glenn Blundell (Dark Horse Flyers, RME.4) 00:06
4. Matt Azevedo (Independent, RMU23.4) 05:51
5. Craig Dawson (Independent, RME.4) 07:01
DNF Andrew Paradowski (Midweek Cycling Club, RME.4)
NP Denis Thang (Independent, RME.4)

Master 3 Men – 28.9 km – Average Speed 35.9 km/h
1. Krzysztof Kurzawinski (Kurzawinski Coach, RMMB.3) 48:22
2. Stanislaw Bielak (Wheels Of Bloor, RMMC.1) 00:06
3. Richard Ugalde (Racer Sportif/Mattamy Homes, RMMB.3) 00:06
4. Martin Pitts (Cyclepath Oakville, RMMB.3) 00:06
5. Jeffrey Poulsen (St. Catharines Cycling Club, RMMB.3) 00:06
6. Gary Cluett (Zm Cycle & Fitness Cycling Clu, RMMC.3) 00:06
7. Peter Cahill (Dark Horse Flyers, RMMB.3) 00:06
8. Eric Sanders (Wheels Of Bloor, RMMB.3) 00:06
9. Emile Martin (Dark Horse Flyers, RMMA.3) 00:06
10. Mark Kremblewski (Dark Horse Flyers, RMMC.3) 00:06
11. Greg Myhal (Mbrc.Org – Gears, RMMC.3) 00:06
12. Leszek Wawrow (Independent, RMMA.3) 00:06
13. David Currie (Independent, RMM.3) 01:58
14. Karim Marrouch (Lapdogs Cycling Club, RMMB.3) 03:44
15. Brian Malone (Independent, RMM.3) 08:00
16. Art Adams (London Centennial Wheelers, RMMC.3) 09:03
DNF David Conroy (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg, RMMB.3)
NP Stephen Jackson (Dark Horse Flyers, RMMC.3)
NP Ted Kemper (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg, RMMB.3)

Junior Men – 30.6 km – Average Speed 33.3 km/h
1. James Kim (Independent, RMJ) 55:09
2. Jordan Kremblewski (Dark Horse Flyers, RMJ) 03:16
DNS Brandon Spencer (Peterborough Cycling Club, RMJ)

Elite 3 Men – 30.6 km – Average Speed 33.3 km/h
1. Edgars Apse (Dark Horse Flyers, RME.3) 55:08
2. Jamie Smith (Ciclo Werks Bmc, RME.3)
3. Chris Ellefson (Handlebars Cc, RME.3)
4. John Stewart (The Hub Race Team, RME.3)
5. Derek Harnden (Peterborough Cycling Club, RMU23.3)
6. Dawid Kurzawinski (Kurzawinski Coach, RMU23.3) 01:20
7. Camilo Mardara (Independent, RME.3) 02:19
8. Paul Parker (Dark Horse Flyers, RME.3) 03:15
9. Jason Macfarlane (Independent, RME.3) 03:15
10. Frank Stillo (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg, RME.3) 03:45
11. Eric Lee (Midweek Cycling Club, RME.3) 06:56
DNF David Delgado (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RMU23.3)
DNF Matt Thomas (Ciclo Werks Bmc, RME.3)

Master 2 Men – 39.1 km – Average Speed 33.7 km/h
1. Marc Mazer (Midweek Cycling Club, RMMB.2) 1h 09:42
2. Marc Booth (Beaches Cycling Club (Bcc), RMMB.2)
3. Ernesto Alvarez (Midweek Cycling Club, RMMA.2)
4. Jason May (Speedriver.Com, RMMA.2)
5. Michael Cumming (Zm Cycle & Fitness Cycling Clu, RMMB.2)
6. Leo St. Germain (Coach Chris.Ca/Ted Velikonja, RMMC.2)
7. Ian J. Scott (Wheels Of Bloor, RMMB.2)
8. Anthony Simpson (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Clu, RMM.2)
9. Dennis Giobbe (Giro Racing, RMMA.2)
10. Gary Fogelman (Above Threshold, RMMA.2)
11. Chris Chambers (Team Race, RMMB.2) 00:05
12. Geoffrey Morgan (Midweek Cycling Club, RMMA.2) 00:20
13. Jonathan Mitchell (Z- Team, RMMB.2) 04:08
14. Jesse Demb (Zm Cycle & Fitness Cycling Clu, RMMA.2) 04:08
15. Joe Accardi (Giro Racing, RMMB.2) 04:31
16. Mirko Gojic (Midweek Cycling Club, RMMA.2) 04:33
DNF Nigel Roberts (Mbrc.Org – Gears, RMMB.2)
DNF Amit Ghosh (Midweek Cycling Club, RMMA.2)
DNF Keith Williams (Independent, RMMB.2)
DNF Dennis Poort (Peterborough Cycling Club, RMMA.2)
NP Jeff Ker (Independent, RMMB.2)

Elite 1&2 Women – 39.1 km – Average Speed 33.6 km/h
1. Christiane Knobbe (Team Mcor, RWE.1) 1h 09:44
2. Rebecca Nelson (Independent, RWE.2) 04:30
3. Paula Powell (Mazurcoaching.Com, RWE.2) 04:34

Master 1 Men – 49.3 km – Average Speed 35.8 km/h
1. Brent Aquino (Z- Team, RMMB.1) 1h 22:37
2. Tony Abramavicius (Wheels Of Bloor, RMMC.1) 00:09
3. Robert D`Amico (Z- Team, RMMB.1) 01:58
4. Paul Greene (Chain Reaction, RMMB.1) 01:58
5. Ed Makarchuk (Sound Solutions, RMMA.1) 02:05
6. William Kowalczyk (Racer Sportif/Mattamy Homes, RMMA.1) 02:15
7. Robert Chiocca (Racer Sportif/Mattamy Homes, RMMB.1) 02:15
8. Adrian Jackson (Giro Racing, RMMB.1) 02:15
9. Mike Peshko (Wheels Of Bloor, RMMB.1) 02:15
10. Mike Steed (Norco Evolution, RMMA.1) 02:15
11. Garnett Abbey (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RMMB.1) 02:15
12. Matthias Schmidt (Zm Cycle & Fitness Cycling Clu, RMMA.1) 02:15
13. Roderick Olliver (Cyclocrossontario.Com, RMMA.1) 02:15
14. James Mcewen (Midweek Cycling Club, RMMA.1) 02:15
15. John Mcinulty (Racer Sportif/Mattamy Homes, RMMA.1) 02:22
16. Steven Smith (Coach Chris.Ca/Ted Velikonja, RMMA.1) 02:25
17. Vito Barbera (Giro Racing, RMMB.1) 02:28
18. Mark Polsinelli (Z- Team, RMMC.1) 02:32
19. Carlos Debarros (Sound Solutions, RMMA.1) 02:32
20. Bobby Mrvelj (Wheels Of Bloor, RMMB.1) 02:32
21. Eduardo Maset (Z- Team, RMMB.1) 02:32
22. Gregory T. Cushing (Z- Team, RMMB.1) 02:32
DNS Peter Mogg (The Hub Race Team, RMMA.1)
NP Robert Fletcher (Trek Store Race Team, RMMB.1)

Elite 1&2 Men – 57.8 km – Average Speed 35.2 km/h
1. Bryan Rusche (Dark Horse Flyers, RME.1) 1h 38:32
2. James Macdonald (Dark Horse Flyers, RME.1) 00:26
3. Paul Telisman (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg, RME.2) 00:31
4. Brent Aquino (Z- Team, RMMB.1) 00:34
5. Ed Veal (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg, RME.1) 00:43
6. Samuel Bail (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg, RME.2) 01:01
7. Thorben Wieditz (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg, RME.1) 01:11
8. Toni Fischer (Dark Horse Flyers, RME.2) 01:11
9. Erik Box (Garneau-Club Chaussures- Ogilv, RME.2) 01:16
10. Graham Shrive (Racer Sportif/Mattamy Homes, RME.2) 02:02
11. David Cramer (Team Mcor, RME.2) 02:53
DNF Ricardo Perea (Coach Chris.Ca/Ted Velikonja, RMU23.2)
DNF Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg, RME.1)
DNF Tovi Heilbronn (Midweek Cycling Club, RME.2)
DNF Rodney Mcewan (Team Mcor, RME.1)

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ZM Zigzag-by-the-lake Crit – Full Results

April 27, 2008 (Toronto, Ontario) – Here are the full results from the ZM Zigzag-by-the-lake Crit prresented by ZM Cycle & Fitness today in Toronto. Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg, RWE.1) and Mark Pozniak (Team R.A.C.E. Pro, RME.1) won the women’s and men’s elite races.


Master 3 Men Results – 27.2 km – Average Speed 34.4 km/h
1. Stanislaw Bielak (Independent, RMM.3) 47:23
2. Quentin Broad (Darkhorse Flyers, RMMB.3)
3. Marc Mazer (Midweek Cycling Club, RMMB.3)
4. Graham Jones (Sweet Pete’s, RMMB.3)
5. Paul Bradbury (Cyclissimo Cycling Club, RMMB.3)
6. Mirko Gojic (Midweek Cycling Club, RMMA.3)
7. Andy D`Angelo (Cyclissimo Cycling Club, RMMB.3)
8. Jeffrey Poulsen (St. Catharines Cycling Club, RMMB.3)
9. Neil Armstrong (Independent, RMMB.3)
10. David Chong (Lapdogs Cycling Club, RMMC.3)
11. Jesse Demb (Independent, RMMA.3)
12. Andrew Rucklidge (Sweet Pete’s, RMMA.3)
13. Chapman Fraser (Independant, RMMA.3) 0:05
14. Brian Kelly (Cyclissimo Cycling Club, RMMB.3)
15. Paul Eekhoff (Cyclissimo Cycling Club, RMMB.3)
16. Robert Massicotte (Cyclepath Markham, RMMC.3)
17. Dennis Poort (Peterborough Cycling Club, RMMA.3)
18. Bob Haufler (Midweek Cycling Club, RMMB.3) 0:11
19. Dan Robertson (Midweek Cycling Club, RMMA.3) 0:36
20. Clint Thompson (Brampton Cycling Club, RMMB.3) 04:46
21. Mark Kremblewski (Darkhorse Flyers, RMMC.3)
22. Chris Firron (Independent, RMM.3) 04:46
23. Nigel Gough (Lapdogs Cycling Club, RMMD.3) 05:50
24. Joe Accardi (Midweek Cycling Club, RMMB.3) 06:18
25. Michael Polzl (Independent, RMM.3) 08:12
DNF Michael Geraghty (Independent, RMMC.3)
DNF Martin Davis (Midweek Cycling Club, RMM.3)
DNS Mark Montgomery (Midweek Cycling Club, RMMA.3)

Elite 4 Men Results – 27.2 km – Average Speed 34.5 km/h
1. Simon Szymczak (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RME.4) 47:22
2. Andrew Zimcik (Independent, RME.4)
3. Brandon Parker (Independent, RME.4)
4. Denis Thang (Independent, RME.4)
5. David Delgado (Dornello’s Racing Team, RME.4)
6. Paul Parker (Darkhorse Flyers, RME.4) 0:05
7. Jamie Smith (Independent, RME.4) 0:26
8. Graeme Doodnaught (Independent, RME.4) 06:18
DNF Arkady Bautista (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Clu, RME.4)
DNF Kim Ns (Independent, RME.4)
NP Daniel Chavez (Sweet Pete’s, RME.4)

Cadet Men Results – 27.2 km – Average Speed 34.4 km/h
1. Jordan Kremblewski (Gears Bike Shop Club, RMU17) 47:27
2. Jason Massicotte (Cyclepath Markham, RMU17)
3. Alex Krieger (Independent, RMU17) 05:45
4. Eric Locke (Independent, RMU17)
5. Desmond Jung (Independent, RMU17) 09:55

Elite 3 Men Results – 34 km – Average Speed 38.0 km/h
1. Brian Ciazynski (St. Catharines Cycling Club, RME.3) 53:39
2. John Mcinulty (Midweek Cycling Club, RME.3)
3. William Kowalczyk (Lapdogs Cycling Club, RME.3)
4. Chad Mussen (Midweek Cycling Club, RME.3)
5. Michael Seppa (Sudbury Cycling Club, RME.3)
6. Charles Dumas (Su13.Us/Raceclean.Org, RME.3)
7. Charlie Philbrook (Waterloo Cycling Club, RME.3)
8. Shannon Hunt (Independent, RME.3)
9. Philip Cates (Lapdogs Cycling Club, RME.3)
10. Mark Cascella (Lapdogs Cycling Club, RME.3)
11. Michael Falikowski (Jamis/Bikezone Racing, RME.3) 0:11
12. Wes Stephenson (Rapid City Cycle, RME.3) 0:30
13. Ian Gartley (Independent, RME.3)
14. Badih Schoueri (Mazurcoaching.Com, RME.3) 0:51
15. Zachary Jones (Mazurcoaching.Com, RME.3) 02:09
16. Michael Aston (Independent, RME.3) 02:23
17. Justin Kendall (Su13.Us/Raceclean.Org, RME.3) 03:16
18. Trevor Doyle (Midweek Cycling Club, RME.3) 06:41
19. Jason Grosse (Lapdogs Cycling Club, RME.3) 06:47
DNF Adam Rothschild (Lapdogs Cycling Club, RME.3)
DNS Simon Szymczak (D’Ornellas Bike Shop, RME.3)

Junior Men Results – 34 km – Average Speed 38.0 km/h
1. Christopher Bradbury (Cyclissimo Cycling Club, RMJ) 53:40
2. Taylor Reid (Independent, RMJ) 02:56

Junior Women Results – 28.9 km – Average Speed 31.6 km/h
1. Krista Ruby (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg, RWJ) 54:51

Elite 3 Women Results – 28.9 km – Average Speed 30.0 km/h
1. Lisa Perlmutter (Reynold Cycle, RWE.3) 57:53
2. Sigrid Ziegler (Lapdogs Cycling Club, RWE.3)
3. Chantal Thompson (Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club, RWE.3) 0:28

Master Women Results – 28.9 km – Average Speed 29.3 km/h
1. Geraldine Molinolo (Independent, RWMA) 59:10

Master 2 Men Results – 44.2 km – Average Speed 39.5 km/h
1. Michael Ybanez (Independent, RMMA.1) 1:07:05
2. Mark Shaw (Chain Reaction, RMMC.2)
3. Mike Mckee (Dead Goat Racing, RMMA.2)
4. Stefan Zurcher (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RMMB.2)
5. Eric Sanders (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMB.2)
6. Pierre Perrin (Cycle 4 Ms, RMMC.2)
7. Chris Vlemmix (Team Tvc/Village Cycle London, RMMA.2)
8. Derek Koops (Zm Cycling Club, RMMA.2)
9. Leo St. Germain (Coach Chris.Ca/Ted Velikonja, RMMC.2)
10. Michael Cumming (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny’s, RMM.2)
11. John Provart (Chain Reaction, RMMA.2)
12. Mark Carli (Project Freeride, RMMA.2)
13. Jeremy Mclennan (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg, RMMA.2)
14. Dennis Giobbe (Invita Racing, RMMA.2)
15. Douglas Holt (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RMMB.2)
16. Anthony Simpson (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Clu, RMMB.2)
17. Jason May (Speedriver.Com, RMMA.2)
18. Chris Chambers (Team R.A.C.E, RMMB.2)
19. Vito Barbera (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMB.2)
20. James Laird (Ti Cycle Racing, RMMC.2)
21. Miroslaw Gacek (Ti Cycle Racing, RMMC.2) 0:15
22. Rick Meloff (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg, RMMB.2) 0:41
DNF Bruce Camacho (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RMMD.2)
DNF Terry Dolson (Independent, RMMB.2)
DNF Mark Fergusson (Team Tvc/Village Cycle London, RMMB.2)
DNF George Hobson (Cyclissimo Cycling Club, RMMB.2)
DNF Ian J. Scott (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMB.2)
DNF Ernie Tataryn (Pedal Performance, RMMC.2)
DNF Ken Macdermid (Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club, RMMB.2)
DNF Greg Bishop (Pierik’s/Elite Health, RMMA.2)
DNS Philip Serniak (Independent, RMMB.2)
NP Duncan Jackson (Mazurcoaching.Com, RMMB.2)

Elite 1 & 2 Women Results – 44.2 km – Average Speed 39.5 km/h
1. Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg, RWE.1) 1:07:09
2. Heather Logan (Coach Chris.Ca/Ted Velikonja, RWE.2) 01:43

Master 1 Men Results – 54.4 km – Average Speed 39.4 km/h
1. Eduardo Maset (Invita Racing, RMMB.1) 1h 22:56
2. Dan Lefebvre (Team R.A.C.E, RMMB.1) 0:17
3. Charlie Squires (London Honda-Westhaven Homes, RMMC.1)
4. John Pucic (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMB.1)
5. Ed Campbell (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RMMC.1)
6. Matthew Berridge (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg, RMMB.1)
7. Kevin Davis (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMB.1) 0:40
8. Tim Lefebvre (Team R.A.C.E, RMMB.1)
9. Stacy Wall (Independent, RMMA.1) 0:43
10. Paolo Dilecce (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMB.1) 0:49
11. Mark Polsinelli (Invita Racing, RMMB.1) 01:22
12. Adrian Jackson (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMB.1)
13. Scott Coulas (Impala Bicycles, RMMA.1)
14. Miguel (mike) Novo (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RMMB.1)
15. Lorne Anderson (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg, RMMA.1)
16. Michael Renneboog (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RMMC.1)
17. Brian Lee (Team R.A.C.E, RMM.1) 01:22
18. Gregory T. Cushing (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RMMB.1)
19. James Layfield (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg, RMMB.1)
20. Paul Greene (Chain Reaction, RMMB.1)
21. Pavle Stanojevic (Jamis/Bikezone Racing, RMMA.1)
22. Shawn Staff (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMA.1)
23. Kees Louws (London Honda-Westhaven Homes, RMMB.1)
24. Carlos Goncalves (London Honda-Westhaven Homes, RMMB.1)
25. Edward Renkema (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RMMB.1)
26. Fred Perez (Cycle Cambridge-Grg Racing, RMMA.1)
27. Norm Riekenbrauck (Independent, RMMB.1)
28. Tony Abramavicius (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMC.1)
29. Peiro Zanetti (Invita Racing, RMMA.1)
30. Christopher Paton (Cycle 4 Ms, RMMB.1) 01:32
31. Bruce Krip (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMB.1) 01:36
32. Scott Gilligan (Sound Solutions, RMMA.1) 01:40
33. Piers Davidge (Cycle 4 Ms, RMMA.1)
DNF Yohan Chung (Jamis/Bikezone Racing, RMMA.1)
DNF Bobby Mrvelj (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMB.1)
DNF Steven Smith (Independent, RMMA.1)
DNF Malcolm Eade (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RMMB.1)
DNF Scott Dorfman (Handlebars, RMMB.1)
DNF Patrick Shea (London Honda-Westhaven Homes, RMMB.1)
DNF Robert Chiocca (Jamis/Bikezone Racing, RMMA.1)
DNF Paul Devries (Team R.A.C.E, RMMB.1)
NP Garnett Abbey (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RMMB.1)
NP Michael Forsdike (London Honda-Westhaven Homes, RMMA.1)
NP Franz Wichmann (Team R.A.C.E, RMMA.1)
NP Ed Makarchuk (Sound Solutions, RMMA.1)
NP Matthew Chaffe (Cycle Cambridge-Grg Racing, RMMA.1)
NP Richard Poplak (Cycle Cambridge-Grg Racing, RMMA.1)

Elite 1 & 2 Men Results – 73.1 km – Average Speed 40.9 km/h
1. Mark Pozniak (Team R.A.C.E. Pro, RME.1) 1:47:18
2. Peter Morse (Jet Fuel Coffee, RME.1) 0:23
3. Thorben Wieditz (Jet Fuel Coffee, RME.1) 02:35
4. Buck Miller (Team R.A.C.E. Pro, RME.1)
5. Adam Thuss (Team R.A.C.E. Pro, RMU23.1) 05:07
6. Mark Batty (Team R.A.C.E. Pro, RMU23.1)
7. Blair Purvis (Coach Chris.Ca/Ted Velikonja, RME.2)
8. Andrew Bradbury (Cyclissimo Cycling Club, RMU23.2)
9. Charlie Bryer (Ciclo Werks Presents Tempo 88, RMU23.1) 05:12
10. Jonathan Prosser (Aquila Racing/Racer Sportif, RMU23.1)
11. Andrew Hunt (Team R.A.C.E. Pro, RMU23.1)
12. Keir Plaice (Team R.A.C.E. Pro, RMU23.1) 05:15
13. Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg, RME.1) 05:19
14. Chris Atkins (Mazurcoaching.Com, RME.1) 05:22
15. Rodney Mcewan (Jet Fuel Coffee, RME.2)
16. Kevin Hazzard (Jet Fuel Coffee, RMU23.2) 05:35
17. Chris Saunders (Coach Chris.Ca/Ted Velikonja, RME.2) 05:41
18. Derrick St. John (Jet Fuel Coffee, RME.1) 06:25
19. Enrico Traini (Jet Fuel Coffee, RME.2) 07:18
20. Chris Freeland (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg, RME.2)
DNF Paul Telisman (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg, RME.2)
DNF Vince De Jong (Coach Chris.Ca/Ted Velikonja, RMU23.2)
DNF Attila Hajdu (Escape Velocity, RME.2)
DNF Matthew Knight (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny’s, RME.2)
DNF Marco Li (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny’s, RME.2)
DNF James Macdonald (Cyclissimo Cycling Club, RME.1)
DNF Ryan Nye (Preferred Care Cycling, RMU23.2)
DNF Isaac Smith (Aquila Racing/Racer Sportif, RME.1)
DNF William Fu (Pedal Performance, RME.2)
DNF Dave Byer (Jet Fuel Coffee, RME.1)

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