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Zimich Coaching Athletes in the News

February 14, 2008 (North Vancouver, BC) – Zimich Coaching Athletes are featured today in North Vancouver’s North Shore Outlook Sports section in an article titled Night Riders by Sam Cooper. We have a new team/club with a new direction and we’re excited to share this news with readers…

Night Riders by Sam Cooper

It’s a setting worthy of a generic New York City crime novel. A spattering of rain, fuzzy orange streetlights reflected off an oily blacktop on a stretch of road between the tracks and a row of industrial garages where fighters train. The white glow of bridge lights over the water to downtown. Suddenly… an un-noirish peloton of bikers wearing neon yellow and blue lycra speeds by.

Braving the dark, cold, rainy nights of the North Shore winter is a necessity for these cyclists coached by Larry and Barb Zimich, a couple renowned for their international cycling success and high-level training system.

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