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World Cup MTB Finals — Men’s DH

September 11, 2005 — To the delight of racing fans, Great Britain’s Steve Peat (GBR, Team Orange) ripped up the World Cup Final’s 2.6-kilometre downhill course in Fort William, Scotland with the fastest time.

He won the race with in 4:11.44. World Cup overall winner Greg Minnaar (RSA, G-Cross-Honda) finished second, 2.13 back from the lead. Australia’s Nathan Rennie (AUS, Santa Cruz Syndicate) took the bronze medal.

Canada’s Tyler Morland (CAN, SRAM-Rock Shox-Avid) was the only Canadian entrant. He finished 52nd.


1. Steve Peat (GBR, Team Orange) 4:11.44
2. Greg Minnaar (RSA, G-Cross-Honda) at 2.13
3. Nathan Rennie (AUS, Santa Cruz Syndicate) 3.39
4. Chris Kovarik (AUS, Intense) 4.32
5. Gee Atherton (GBR, Animal Giant) 4.62
6. Matti Lehikoinen (FIN, G-Cross-Honda) 5.97
7. Sam Hill (AUS, Intense) 6.88
8. Cedric Gracia (FRA, Siemens Mobile-Cannondale) 6.93
9. David Vazquez Lopez (ESP, Maxxis-MSC) 8.58
10. Markolf Berchtold (BRA, Maxxis-MSC) 11.03

52. Tyler Morland (CAN, SRAM-Rock Shox-Avid) 23.84


1. Greg Minnaar (RSA, G-Cross-Honda) 1660 points

2. Sam Hill (AUS, Intense) 905

3. Nathan Rennie (AUS, Santa Cruz Syndicate) 890


91. Charles-Alexandre Dube (CAN, DHRacer) 21

95. Louis-Philippe Leonard (CAN, Norco) 18

111. Mathieu Laurin (CAN, Devinci-Daredevil) 13

127. Justin Brown (CAN, Norco) 8

134. Thomas Vanderham (CAN, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) 7

144. Geoff Pendrel (CAN, Devinci-Daredevil) 3

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