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Womenwarriors.ca Gives Grant to Nordhagen-Vierling

August 5, 2004 – Diversus Productions of Montreal announced today that it has developed a new website aimed to inspire and motivate women to reach for their athletic dreams. Womenwarriors.ca is expected to quickly become the number one destination on the Internet for Canadian women interested in sports, athletic activities and active lifestyles. Athletes of all levels, sports fans, sport associations, coaches, teachers, health professionals, schools and clubs are expected to flock to the site.

Women Warriors will be dedicating 5% of its future advertising-sponsorship revenue to an athlete fund that will provide financial assistance to emerging Canadian female athletes. To kick-off the program, the Women Warriors team selected Christine Nordhagen-Vierling, an Athens bound wrestler from Valhalla, Alberta as the first funding recipient. Her pioneering spirit and athletic accomplishments (10-time Canadian Champion, 6-time World Champion and a member of the Canadian Wrestling Hall of Fame) captivated the staff at Diversus and she was the unanimous choice for the inaugural Women Warriors grant.

“I’m thrilled to be chosen by Women Warriors for their sponsorship grant. I’ve obviously had to make some sacrifices to make it to the Olympics and it’s always greatly appreciated when companies come forward and recognize your effort and are willing to support you,” expressed Christine Nordhagen-Vierling. “This website is more than just a website, I hope it can inspire and assist women to reach for their dreams. I know the Women Warriors grant is helping me fulfill my dream of being a Canadian Olympian.”

Womenwarriors.ca evolved as a result of the success of the Women Warriors docu-series that aired on CBC, Radio Canada, CTV and SCN in 2002 and 2003. The 19-episode television series featured female athletes whose perseverance and mental fortitude enabled them to reach the upper echelons of sport. Diversus Productions Inc, the parent company and producer of the television show, has developed womenwarriors.ca with assistance from the Bell New Media Fund.

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