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Women’s Presence Increased on UCI’s 18 Commissions – Canada’s Dubnicoff to Represent Track

release by the UCI

November 18, 2013 (Aigle, Switzerland) – The UCI today announced the new composition of its commissions. Members of 18 commissions have been appointed. In an unprecedented decision in the organization’s history, at least one woman will sit on each of the commissions newly-designated under the Presidency of Brian Cookson.

In line with the manifesto commitments, three new commissions have been set up: the Women’s Commission, the International Development and National Federations’ Commission, and a Constitutional Review Panel.

The Cycling for All Commission has been separated into two bodies: the “Mass Participation Events” and “Advocacy/Cyclist’s Rights” Commissions. The UCI means to place particular emphasis on the development of these two areas.

Seven weeks after his election, Brian Cookson continues to implement the initiatives contained in his manifesto.

UCI President Brian Cookson declared: “I am delighted by this announcement, which helps reinforce the presence of women in cycling. It was one of the priorities of my mandate along with the international development of cycling and the reform of the governance of the UCI. Today we continue working to ensure our pledges are met.”

Former Canadian track cycling star and coach, Tanya Dubnicoff, was named to the UCI Track Cycling Commission, while Brian Jolly, former Cycling Canada president and chair of the Tour of Alberta, will sits on the UCI Mountain Bike Commission. On the Para-cycling Commission, Canada’s Louis Barbeau has been replaced by Mohamed Belmahi (MAR) as President.

View the UCI Commissions here.

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