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Win a Cadillac at the OCA Cycling Celebration!

October 12, 2005 – The OCA is pleased to announce that Cadillac Bicycles is one of the sponsors for the Cycling Celebration on November 19th. Cadillac is known for their classy cars”¦their bikes are just the same”¦an excellent ride! All attendees as the OCA Cycling Celebration will have a chance to win a Cadillac Road Limited Edition RLE1.8.

The RLE1.8 is a European inspired road racing bicycle with the latest in aluminum and carbon fibre technology that delivers an impressive performance package. For more information, please visit: http://www.cadillacbicycles.com/

For tickets to the OCA’s Cycling Celebration, please call: 416.426.7416 or visit <http://www.ontariocycling.org/>www.ontariocycling.org

***As of October 11th, the event was 40% sold out.***

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