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Why Bush Won\’t Win the Tour this Year

February 28, 2006 – A Scottish newspaper recently published details of the “accident” of American president George Bush during the G8 Summit in Gleneagles, where a policeman was injured.

On February 26, the “Scotland on Sunday” reported the full details of the “traffic accident” which occurred July 6, 2005. The American president injured a Scottish police officer when he fell from his bike – having let go of the handlebars to wave at the Scottish guard.

In the official police report, the episode is recounted: “Sat roughly 6:00pm, the President approached the line of police at high speed on a bike; the road was wet. The President raised his left arm while shouting and waving ‘Thanks for coming out, boys!’ George Bush at that point, lost control of his bike, fell to the ground and collided with an officer, hitting the officer’s leg. As a result, the officer fell to the ground hitting his head. The President continued to slide on the road for roughly five meters.”

Bush suffered scratches, however the Scottish officer was not as lucky; having to use crutches until his injuries healed. Bush later called the fallen officer to apologize for the incident and to inquire as to his health.

The “Scottish incident” is not the first bike accident that George Bush has had; he fell while riding on his Texas ranch in May 2004 in Crawford – this time it was a fall over the handlebars.

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