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Westside Classic 2008 – BC RR Championships Full Results, Photos – Evans and Roorda Win

June 1, 2008 (Vancouver, BC) – What do Trevor Linden, Ross Rebagliatti, Derek Porter, Axel Merckx, and Alex Steida have in common? Bike racing – more specifically cycling in support of the BC Cancer Foundation. These world class athletes were on hand to support this year’s Westside Cycling Classic on the streets of Point Grey Village in Vancouver. Before the celebrities and fundraisers took to the 12km loop around the majestic Pacific Spirit Park we had the battle for the 2008 BC Road Race Championships.

Elite Women
First to fight for the jersey were the Elite Women. A strong field was staged to ride 84km over a closed 12km loop finishing with a slight uphill on West 10th Ave. The first opportunity to collect some cash was the $100 first lap prime’ which was handily taken by Team Giant Canada/Whistler Women rider Heather Lamson. With a strong balance of teams represented in the field the race stayed pretty tight through its’ entirety. Along the way riders were competing for the Queen of the Mountain and the $250 prize attached. Over several climbs another Team Giant/Whistler Women rider Jessica Hannah came out on top. The only thing left to do for Team Giant/Whistler Women was to take the win and the Championship. Coming out of the final turn the team set current BC Cup leader Steph Roorda up perfectly and she powered up the final climb to take the win over Marie-Claude Gagnon of Team Glotman Simpson and yet another Team Giant/Whistler Women rider Lisa Howard in third.

Junior Men
Next to settle their score were the Junior men. With their heros Axel Merckx and Alex Steida on hand’ the young guys were anxious to say the least. Similar to the women’s race the boys kept things together with good teamwork. As the race wore on some confusion set in as the Elite break-away caught the Juniors just as the younger riders were hitting the finish. While they were certainly happy to riding with the big boys it went almost unseen that Corey Hess from Team Aviawest had taken the win just ahead of Boris Martin — Campione/Ratcliff Cycling and third place finisher Evan Guthrie riding for Total Restoration Cycling.

Senior Men
The main event was a battle to the end”¦ almost. A large field set out to cover the 140km course’ which included 10 “short” loops for a grand finale. The race was on from the gun with Trevor Haaheim — Total Resortation Cycling Team taking an early flier and the first lap $100 prime. With more than a minute gap after the second lap it looked like Haaheim had more than the prime in mind and was perhaps trying get the Symmetrics boys working early to bring him back. His tactic worked and by the next lap the field was together again. Barely a lap later and the race was over for all but nine riders of which five were from Symmetrics Cycling Team. Christian Meir, Will Routley, defending BC Champ Ryan Anderson, Canadian Champ Cam Evans and strongman Svein Tuft were all up front towing along a few challengers. Jamie Sparling and Tyler Trace from Trek-Red Truck Ale Racing, Alistair Howard — Kona/Adobe and Tim Abercrombie — Escape Velocity were all just sitting on the back of the yellow express. Lap after lap it was clear that the winner would come from this group and while it was anyone’s guess who would win it was clear it was probably a yellow jersey — or red and white in the case of Evan’s National kit.

The Symmetrics riders methodically broke down their four companions with Tim Abercrombie suffering a poorly timed flat leading into the fast part of the route. Strongmen Evans and Tuft pulled away with Sparling to establish what would prove to be the winning move and after a valiant effort to answer attack after attack from his two Symmetrics companions Sparling finally blew and had to let them go. His next objective was to stay ahead of a 3-rider Symmetrics time trial squad of Routley, Meier, and Anderson. The Trek-Red Truck Ale rider was a crowd favorite for his struggle to get a podium spot but even the cheers from adoring fans wasn’t enough to stave off the Symmetrics train and he settled for sixth ahead of his teammate Trace and Kona-Adobe’s Howard.

The final question was who would take the jersey Tuft or Evans? The two put on a great show for the crowd with a solid sprint up to the line and a smiling Tuft watched as his teammate Cam Evans took the 2008 BC Championship. Cristian Meir led his teammates Anderson and Routley across the line for a dominate sweep of the top five places.

A great day was enjoyed by all with so far over $150,000 dollars raised for the BC Cancer Foundation.


Junior Men
1. Corey Hess (Team Aviawest) 2:59:59.47
2. Boris Martin (Campione/Ratcliff Cycling Team) 3:00:01.95
3. Evan Guthrie (Total Restoration Cycling Team) 3:00:02.98
4. Curtis Jung (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO) 3:00:03.18
5. Jacob Schwingboth (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO) 3:00:03.54
6. Kevin Thorpe (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes) 3:00:03.56
7. Jason Manning (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes) 3:02:06.10
8. Ben Cowburn (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO) 3:04:06.39
9. Nick Holatko (Comox Valley Cycle Club) 3:04:35.21
DNF Craig Logan (Team Aviawest)
DNF Tommy Guison (Fresh Air Experience Cycling Club)
DNS Devan McClelland (Team Coastal Cycling)

Men Cat 4/5
1. Nicholas J. Berry (Mighty Cycling) 1:52:48.92
2. Brian Postlethwaite (Escape Velocity) 1:52:49.22
3. Kenyon Campbell (Independent) 1:52:50.18
4. Thomas Martin (EV) 1:52:50.28
5. Koen Raedschelders (Independent) 1:52:50.69
6. Mike Laxdal (Campione/Ratcliff Cycling Team) 1:52:51.02
7. Andrew McCartney (Oak Bay BicycIesWheelers Cycling Club) 1:52:51.04
8. Frank Schimunek (Independent) 1:52:51.28
9. Wes Ochitwa (Campione/Ratcliff Cycling Team) 1:52:51.33
10. Mike Berkempas (Local Ride) 1:52:51.45
11. David Broemeling (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO) 1:52:51.58
12. Mark Riley (Independent) 1:52:53.43
13. Jason Brooks (ZimichCoaching) 1:52:53.86
14. Paul McCloskey (Mighty Cycling) 1:52:54.44
15. Roger Lee (Independent) 1:52:54.58
16. Clinton Kabler (ZimichCoaching) 1:52:54.88
17. Geoff Agnew (Atomic Racing Club) 1:52:54.30
18. Colin Campbell (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO) 1:52:56.69
19. Brandon Edwards (Brandon Edwards) 1:52:58.08
20. John Livingstone (Evolve Cycling Clube) 1:52:58.64
21. Kyle Buckosky (Team Coastal Cycling) 1:52:59.33
22. Chris McKillican (Kelowna Cycle) 1:53:01.05
23. Simon Tremblay (Team Giant) 1:53:01.05
24. Andrew Peters (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO) 1:53:34.68
25. Mark Rainer (La Bicicletta Pro Shop) 1:53:35.57
26. Anthony King (Team Glotman Simpson Racing) 1:53:35.97
27. Mark Ellis (Le Peloton) 1:53:37.55
28. Zach Young (Team Aviawest) 1:53:38.78
29. Doug Merrick (Comox Valley Cycle Club) 1:53:41.91
30. Carl Zeschner (CVC Racing) 1:53:11.17
31. Scott Vigliotti (CVC Racing) 1:54:11.19
32. David Nelson (Independent) 1:54:17.44
33. Geoff Simpkins (Team TNA/Shape) 1:54:27.85
34. Peter Curtain (Dunbar Physio) 1:54:49.71
35. Donovan Diminyatz (Fresh Air Experience Cycling Club) 1:55:36.76
36. Michael McArthur (Team Glotman Simpson Racing) 1:55:45.62
37. Eric Wright (Different Bikes) 1:56:20.40
38. Jeff Ker (Independent) 1:56:37.24
39. Jonathan Colman (Douglas Smith) 1:58:39.50
40. Mike Fellows (Atomic Racing Club) 2:00:17.26
41. Michael Taylor (Independent)
42. Jeffrey O’Connel (Team TNA/Shape)
43. Dan Spry (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO)
44. Jak New (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO)
45. Bryan Gallant (bryan gallant)
46. Ian Platts (Independent)
47. Kurt Foellmer (Le Peloton)
48. Mark Wan (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO)
49. Kevin Macdonald (BSP)
50. Jeremy Christensen (Team Aviawest)
51. Paul Schincariol (Independent)
52. Rick Peterson (Le Peloton)
53. Alan Ross (Le Peloton)
54. Philip Marren (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO)
55. John Horton (Douglas Smith)
56. Patrick McCarthy (Team Coastal Cycling)
57. Philip Sangalang (Independent)
DNF Tom Wojcik (Independent)
DNF Anthony Zackery (La Bicicletta Pro Shop)
DNF Andrew Kerr (Local Ride)
DNF Douglas Smith (Douglas Smith)
DNF Ray Lachance (Team Glotman Simpson Racing)
DNF Jody Edgar (Team Whistler)
DNF Brian Hill (Team TNA/Shape)
DNF Forrest Treadwell (Galaxy 2000)
DNF Thomas Pickett (Team Glotman Simpson Racing)
DNF William Woodson (Le Peloton)
DNF Michael Wilson (Independent)
DNF John Tani (Independent)
DNF Erich Zwick (Independent)
DNF Samuel Ketcham (Team TNA/Shape)
DNF Raffi Titizian (Team TNA/Shape)
DNF Michael Barker (Independent)
DNF Rob Fennie (Team TNA/Shape)

Men Master A
1. Dana Williams (Team TNA/Shape) 2:09:28.8
2. Axel Bergman (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO) 2:09:29.3
3. Sean Dawson (Rocky Mountain) 2:10:22.5
4. Allan Prazsky (Team Glotman Simpson Racing) 2:10:25.5
5. Roy Mcbeth (Local Ride) 2:10:25.9
6. Base Julian (Campione/Ratcliff Cycling Team) 2:10:26.1
7. Matthew Coley (The Bike Gallery) 2:10:26.7
8. Andrew Jerome (Kelowna Cycle)
9. Russell Stead (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO)
10. Patrick Beckstead (Ambleside Cycle/West Coast Racing)
11. Jim Kwasnicki (Team Reps West)
12. Johnson Jung (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO)
13. Charles Bougie (Les Rouleurs de L’Outaouais)
14. Sean Howie (Independent)
15. Derek Sakamoto (Kona-Adobe)
16. Frank Phipps (Grand Forks Cycling Club)
17. John Athanas (Independent)
DNF Dave Markham (Team Wedgewood)
DNF Tim McDermott (Rocky MountainDifferent Bikes presented by K C)
DNF Brent Hambleton (Independent)

Men Master B
1. Steve Bachop (IRC P/B Robert Cameron Law) 2:09:29.3
2. Gary Wade (Kelowna Cycle) 2:09:30.4
3. Todd Moore (Kelowna Cycle) 2:10:24.4
4. James Neil (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes) 2:10:24.8
5. Uli Mayer (Independent) 2:10:25.5
6. Maurizio Giraldi (Mighty Cycling) 2:10:26.4
7. Peter Stevenson (Experience Cycling Duncan) 2:10:26.5
8. James Shaw (Independent)
9. Alexander Pope (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO)
10. Jay Shockey (Fresh Air Experience Cycling Club)
11. Steve Munro (IRC P/B Robert Cameron Law)
12. Otto Kamstra (Team Whistler)
13. Nick Smit (Independent)
14. Steve Crowley (Nanaimo Bicycle Club)
15. Michel Pelletier (BC Masters Cycling Association)
16. Chris White (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes)
17. Brian Griffin (Experience Cycling)
18. Steve McMurdo (Independent)
19. Frank Weber (Frank Weber)
20. Darrin Grund (Team Coastal Cycling)
21. Brent Hladchuk (Evolve Cycling Clube)
DNF Brian Green (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes)
DNF James Dungate (Kona-Adobe)

Men Master C
1. Horacio Chaves (Mighty Cycling) 2:10:25.3
2. Chris Cameron (Nanaimo Bicycle Club) 2:10:25.8
3. Wade Christie (C.O.B.R.A.) 2:10:28.3
4. Micheal Ryan (Team TNA/Shape)
5. Gerry Van Gaans (Independent)
6. Mark Walker (Java JunkiesPenticton)
7. Claude Biron (Claude)
8. Michael Sevcov (Nanaimo Bicycle Club)
9. James Thompson (CVC Racing)
10. Bill Riley (Vancouver Velovets)
11. Robert Bescott (CVC Racing)
12. John Langley (BC Masters Cycling Association)
13. David Kosick (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO)
DNF Stuart Lynne (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO)

Men Master D
1. Peter Kerklaan (Independent) 2:10:28.8
DNF Christopher Anstey (Schwalbe Cycling Club)

Junior Women
1. Annie Ewart (Colin Ewart) 1:25:37.0
2. Camille Nonis (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO) 1:32:35.8

Masters Women
1. Barbara Zimich (ZimichCoaching) 1:25:36.3
2. Kathleen Negraeff (Team Wedgewood) 1:27:33.8

Women Cat 4
1. Colleen Speck (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO) 1:25:36.8
2. Stania Juriga (Chicks Cycling Club) 1:25:53.5
3. Jennifer Gerth (Team Coastal Cycling) 1:27:32.0
4. Bonnie Catlin (Chicks Cycling Club) 1:27:32.4
5. Cheryl Giffin (Chicks Cycling Club) 1:27:34.6
6. Clara Hungr (Chicks Cycling Club) 1:27:36.0
7. Jennifer Wolowic (Chicks Cycling Club) 1:29:18.5
8. Forsman Karen (ZimichCoaching) 1:29:18.9
9. Gabrielle Csiffary (Independent) 1:34:02.1

Senior Women
1. Steph Roorda (Giant Canada/Team Whistler Women) 2:19:25.3
2. Marie-Claude Gagnon (Team Glotman Simpson Racing) 2:19:25.9
3. Lisa Howard (Giant Canada/Team Whistler Women) 2:19:26.4
4. Heather Lamson (Giant Canada/Team Whistler Women) 2:19:27.1
5. Sarah Stewart (Total Restoration Cycling Team) 2:19:27.8
6. Gillian Carleton (Organic Athlete) 2:19:28.4
7. Gillian Moody (Total Restoration Cycling Team) 2:19:28.4
8. Megan Rathwell (Team H&R Block) 2:19:28.9
9. Kristine Brynjolfson (Team Coastal Cycling) 2:19:29.7
10. Jessica Hannah (Giant Canada/Team Whistler Women) 2:19:30.0
11. Fiona MacLeod (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes) 2:19:44.0
12. Chelsea Bilsbarrow (Giant Canada/Team Whistler Women) 2:19:44.2
13. Stacey Spencer (Different Bikes) 2:19:44.8
14. Kelsey Miller (Team Wedgewood) 2:19:45.4
15. Karen Watson (Team Glotman Simpson Racing) 2:19:47.0
16. Leslie Vice (Team Glotman Simpson Racing) 2:20:00.2
17. Lisa Dorian (Chicks Cycling Club) 2:20:02.6
18. Dana Lis (Chicks Cycling Club) 2:20:04.6
19. Shoshauna Laxson (Giant Canada/Team Whistler Women) 2:20:21.7
20. Jennifer Tabbernor (Giant Canada/Team Whistler Women) 2:20:51.1
21. Laura Brown (Giant Canada/Team Whistler Women) 2:22:12.2
22. Jaymie McGowan (Oak Bay BicycIesWheelers Cycling Club) 2:22:13.3
23. Jennifer Schulz (Total Restoration Cycling Team) 2:24:35.5
24. Monica Nelson (Total Restoration Cycling Team) 2:31:40.9
25. Rachel Canning (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO) 2:31:42.1
26. Sarah McMillan (Chicks Cycling Club) 2:31:42.4
27. Sonja Heilmeier (Chicks Cycling Club) 2:31:44.4
28. Margaret Pugh (Chicks Cycling Club) 2:39:44.6
DNF Sarah Laliberte (Campione/Ratcliff Cycling Team)
DNS Sarah Nathan (Chicks Cycling Club)

Senior Men
1. Cameron Evans (Symmetrics Cycling) 2:59:59.47
2. Svein Tuft (Symmetrics Cycling) 3:00:01.95
3. Christian Meier (Symmetrics Cycling) 3:00:02.98
4. Ryan Anderson (Symmetrics Cycling) 3:00:03.18
5. Will Routley (Symmetrics Cycling) 3:00:03.54
6. Jamie Sparling (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes) 3:00:03.56
7. Tyler Trace (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes) 3:02:06.10
8. Alistair Howard (Kona-Adobe) 3:04:06.39
9. Dave Brooks (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes) 3:04:35.21
10. Rob Britton (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes)
11. Matt Potma (Kona-Adobe)
12. Brad Kerr (Total Restoration Cycling Team)
13. Jeff Sherstobitoff (Symmetrics Cycling)
14. Cory Forrest (Total Restoration Cycling Team)
15. Tim Abercrombie (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO)
16. Trevor Connor (Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles)
17. Tim Sherstobitoff (Total Restoration Cycling Team)
18. Scott Laliberte (Campione/Ratcliff Cycling Team)
19. Dan Skinner (Total Restoration Cycling Team)
20. Jonathan Gormick (Kona-Adobe)
21. Larry Zimich (ZimichCoaching)
22. Paul Beard (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO)
23. Dan MacDonald (Kona-Adobe)
24. Stephen Ferris (ERTC/revolution)
25. Kevin Noiles (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes)
26. Ryan Taylor (Campione/Ratcliff Cycling Team)
27. Chris Worsfold (Team Glotman Simpson Racing)
28. Maurice Worsfold (Team Glotman Simpson Racing)
29. Shawn Goulet (Kona-Adobe)
30. Sean Williams (Total Restoration Cycling Team)
31. Nathan MacDonald (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes)
32. Sebastian Salas (Campione/Ratcliff Cycling Team)
33. Hugh Trenchard (Schwalbe Cycling Club)
34. Dave Vukets (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes)
35. G. Tommaso Cirella (Hawaii-Imperia)
36. Brett Boniface (Campione/Ratcliff Cycling Team)
DNF Shane Savage (Mighty Cycling)
DNF Alistair Howard (MASI-ADOBE)
DNF Trevor Haaheim (Total Restoration Cycling Team)
DNF Marcel Aarden (Kona-Adobe)
DNF Frederic Bussieres (Team Aviawest)
DNF Guy Biggar (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO)
DNF Christiaan De vries (H&R Block)
DNF Chris Reynolds (Campione/Ratcliff Cycling Team)
DNF Kurtis Vallee (Team Aviawest)
DNF Nic Hamilton (Team Aviawest)
DNF Joe Wessel (SD#23)
DNF Chris Reid (Kona-Adobe)
DNF Jason Fluckiger (Repswest Racing)
DNF Matthew Martyniuk (Moose Jaw Pavers/Boh’s Cycle)
DNF Ryan Olson (Campione/Ratcliff Cycling Team)
DNF Rob Breathet (IRC P/B Robert Cameron Law)
DNF Matthew O’Hagan (Independent)
DNF Andrew Lea (Team Coastal Cycling)
DNF Andrew Russell (Campione/Ratcliff Cycling Team)
DNF Kevin Rutherford (Campione/Ratcliff Cycling Team)
DNF Carsten Ivany (Local Ride)
DNF Jim Wheeler (Team Aviawest)
DNF Dan Schmit (Team Glotman Simpson Racing)
DNF John Perkins (Team Glotman Simpson Racing)
DNF Jonathan Cheung (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO)
DNF Mike Sidic (Super Champion Shop)
DNF Owen Sampson (Mighty Cycling)
DNF Marvin Guzman (Pacific Multisport)
DNF David Gerth (Team Coastal Cycling)
DNF David Penner (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO)
DNF Ben Jackson (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO)
DNF William Lam (Atomic Racing Club)
DNF Colin Hale (Team Coastal Cycling)
DNF Jeff Ain (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO)
DNF Andrew Kyle (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO)
DNF Michael Rothengatter (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO)
DNF Eric Harvey (Repswest Racing)
DNF Jonathan Page (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO)
DNF Owen Sturgess (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO)
DNF Jason Thompson (Team Escape Velocity/DEVO)
DNF Steve Devantier (Steve Devantier)
DNF Tom Birk (Team Glotman Simpson Racing)
DNF Sven Sturm (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes)
DNF Matthew Cottrell (Team Aviawest)

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