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We Will Never End Doping Says Dick Pound Former WADA Chief

by pedalmag.com

November 28, 2015 – According to a recent report in The Independant, Dick Pound, the former head of WADA,  believes cheating will never be eradicate. While Pound is unrelenting in his quest to eradicate whatever cheat, he remains resigned to the fact the cheating will continue in countries like Russia – despite the recent damning investigation by the WADA independent commission he chaired into systemic doping within Russia – and further afield. And Pound is not finished with shocking the world with new revelations about doping – read more here.

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  1. Ben Aroundo, ON, Canada says:

    We CAN end doping with appropriate tests and penalties. Psychopath (you have to have a psychopathic mind to cheat others) dopers are rewarded and ruin the careers of clean racers.

  2. JohnCalifornia, , says:

    Sadly, doping has been around since the earliest days of bicycle racing. And it will continue because it works, and competitive people use every advantage they can.

    Because there is a market for their products, dope formulators will keep evolving them to stay a step ahead of the testers. Like other forms of crime, this one is not going to go away but rather will adapt to the times.

    In fact, doping has spread from the professional ranks to the amateurs and even among recreational cyclists. A common psychostimulant like Adderall is a major performance booster. For a small but significant percentage of competitive cyclists, riding while wired is the new normal.

  3. Ben Aroundo, ON, Canada says:

    John, you have a point there and it’s a sad situation and so costly to the sport and negatively affecting riders, sponsors and fans. We have to do our best to keep this flawed mentality out of the sport. I’m a forgiving person but a cheater in the sport is so destructive that I would put in place draconian rules to keep it to the minimum. If someone is caught the rider, coach , the team and the sponsor should be penalized according to the severity or comliance of everyone. For the rider, coach, manager there should be a four year ban from the sport and for the others less or appropriate to their involvement. Government grants, and a percentage of entry fee and licensing money should go to pay for lab analysis that should be done at all santioned races to suspected racers (not just random) and turning in cheaters should be encouraged. This can’t be done in football, baseball, hockey and basketball but this could work for cycling.

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