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We Need More Cowbell Race p/b CXFEVER.COM – Sept. 11

release by the We Need More Cowbell Cyclocross Race

August 31, 2010 – The Fourth edition of the We Need More Cowbell Cyclocross race presented by CXFEVER.COM, is coming to you September 11, 2010 at Burgoyne Woods St. Catharines Ontario and has been re-dubbed Jump the Cheeseburger. The race pays tribute to the greatest cycling related movie/show sequence that has ever been created. The physical effort and technological developments that came of this will eventually revolutionize the sport of cross as we know it. Hint episode 52 of TPB, for those who do not get it. Course will be about 90% new. There will be free coffee, muffins, juice, water and Ferrari’s (not really but that would be cool).

The team CF (cystic Fibrosis) kid’s race will be held again and will run at 12:45 prior to the lat start of the day. This event is free to all kids just need a helmet and a big smile. A bake sale will be held with the proceeds going to the Canadian cystic Fibrosis association.

New for this year will be the Junior Achiever’s Club cyclocross Champion prize for the junior racers. This should be contested by 2 local cadet racers currently ripping it up on the road Brandon Etzl and current Niagara freewheeler Matt “bunnyhop” Hopkins. Mat and Bandon are current members of the SCCC Cadet racing team. Matt hopes to use his superior bike handling skills to outdistance mini-diesel Etzl.

The elite racing hope to see a return of a solid field but declining start contracts this year were Sven Nys, Katie Compton, Tim Lefebvre and Eric Box, who had a male modeling gig in Montreal ( BTAC yeah right). A small display table will be set up and show case a few cool cross products such as Token chain catchers and Bont Mtb/Cross Shoes, which possibly are making their world cross racing debut.

Sponsors for his year’s event are:

More to come – website for event is www.cxfever.com/cowbell

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