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Walker Woods Race Series and School Series HALTED – OCA Needs Your Help

April 11, 2006 – Bikenxs Inc. is sincerely sorry to announce that both the weekly race series and the high school series have been shut down by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA). A high level meeting at TRCA has resulted in the decision to cancel the two series. The following is a statement of events that has lead up to this decision from Eric Orschel’s position as the organizer of these two series.

Bikenxs Inc. was given verbal approval in late January by one of the Walker Woods / Glen Major managers that both series could take place in the Walker Woods. Dates, times and usage was discussed and a framework for an agreement was reached. Bikenxs Inc. proceeded to discuss the series with main sponsors Trek and Sport Swap. Flyers for both series were developed to promote the series at the bike show in respect of the change of venue from Fred’s Farm. A contract was to be drawn up by the TRCA manager. On Thursday March 30th Bikenxs was informed that a contract was complete and would be sent out to be signed and Insurance forms to be finalized. This fact was confirmed by the OCA. That night a meeting took place of the Glen Major/ Walker Woods Stewardship committee. The topic of the race series was brought up and local stewards became concerned and questions were asked about Mountain Bike racing in general. As a result of this meeting Bikenxs Inc. was asked to attend an emergency meeting with Head Trail Stewards Brian Buckles, Mike Tucker, TRCA reps Mike Bender and Mike Fitzgerald, and also present Adam and Sean Ruppel of Chico Racing. Bikenxs presented the nature of the series (fun, friendly, and grass roots), trail maintenance days were proposed and discussed, and the issue of no new trails without approval were discussed and agreed. A final emergency meeting was determined and intended for Tuesday April 11th at 7:00 pm at Goodwood Hall in Goodwood where Bikenxs Inc. could present the series to all the trail stewards and local landowners and a discussion was to follow. On Monday April 10th Bikenxs Inc was informed as a result of the High level meeting at TRCA head office that the series has been cancelled. Tuesday’s meeting at Goodwood Hall will still proceed and we hope to overturn their irrational decision.

Bikenxs Inc., TRCA rep Mike Fitzgerald and members of the stewardship committee will be present at the meeting to discuss the series and cancellation. If you have concerns you have the right to attend the meeting today at the Goodwood Hall (Highway #47 and Goodwood Road #21 at the lights) 7:00pm. You can also call the TRCA at 416-661-6600 and ask for an explanation on this cancellation!

Furthermore, if you live in the area, the OCA encourages you to contact your local councillor and request the reinstatement of this family oriented recreational activity.

Here is the contact information for people who may have an influence on the decision and sit on the Board of Directors for the TRCA:

Colleen Jordan: Regional Councillor for Ajax Wards 3 & 4; colleen.jordan@townofajax.com

Gerri Lynn O’Connor: Township of Uxbridge Mayor: gloconnor@town.uxbridge.on.ca

Dave Ryan: City of Pickering Mayor; dryan@city.pickering.on.ca

TRCA email: info@trca.on.ca

You can drop Eric Orschel of Bikenxs Inc. a line at bikenxs@interhop.net if you have any comments or suggestions and cannot make the short notice meeting!

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