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WADA Says Russian Government Complicit in Rampant Track and Field Doping

by pedalmag.com

November 09, 2015 – WADA is pointing the finger at the Russian government and suggesting its complicity in widespread doping in its country’s track and field athletes. According to an Associated Press article, a WADA panel is recommending athletes be banned until Russia cleans up its act. According to the article, WADA claims that the doping has been so heavily endorsed by the government that “even the country’s intelligence service, the FSB, was involved, spying on Moscow’s anti-doping lab, including during last year’s Winter Games in Sochi.”

Canada’s Dick Pound is chairing the committee that is investigating the media allegations of “widespread doping and deception in Russia” and is calling for Russia to be deemed “non-compliant” with the world anti-doping code, and that the world track and field governing body suspend the Russian federation. The report was co-chaired by Canadian lawyer, Richard H. McLaren, who was part of panel which convicted Floyd Landis, and pundits claim that more sports are involved.

Read the full Associated Press article here.

These new allegations come after the summer’s revelations about doping in Athletics that suggested one third of medal winners had suspicious blood values according to research commissioned by the German broadcaster ARD and The Sunday Times. Read our coverage here.

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