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VW Partners with Specialized Again

March 8, 2008 — The Quebec-based team formerly known as Volkswagen-Trek is has become Team Volkswagen and has joined forces with Specialized again as confirmed by team manager, Josée Robitaille. Robitaille explained that despite some good years with Trek, things got compicated this year so the team decided to partner up again with Specialized.

The team previously had a relationship with Specialized nine years ago, but when Volkswagen (VW) became their main sponsor, they had to deal with Trek with whom VW had a partnership.

“VW gave us the permission to talk with other companies, it was natural for
us to go back with Specialized since they were there for us when we were a smaller organisation and had faith and confidence in our program,” said Robitaille. “So, now VW is back on the road with Specialized, we’re very happy about it. We feel like if we’re back home. It’s a good feeling.”

The team made its squad announcement last November.

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