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Vuelta Banco Popular a Costa Rica Stage 4 Results and Photos – Canada’s Lachance 28th Overall

by pedalmag.com
Brayan Salas wins Stage 4  ©  Luis Barbosa
December 17, 2016 (Guápiles, Costa Rica) – Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Quebexico is in the top 30 overall following Stage 4 from  Ciudad Quesada to Guápiles, 114.84 km, won by Brian Salas (Crc) Scott- Tele Uno- BCT. His teammate Michel Jean (Can) Quebexico finished 73rd and is 57th overall. Daniel Jara (Crc) Equipo El Colono continues to lead overall.

Stage 4  ©  Luis Barbosa
Leader Daniel Jara  ©  Luis Barbosa


1. Brian Salas (Crc) Scott- Tele Uno- BCT    2:39:17
2. Carlos Brenes (Crc) Canet- Multiples Corella    0:21
3. Pablo Mudarra (Crc) Frijoles Los Tierniticos-Arroz Halcon- Specialized
4. Ivan Balikin (Kulikov) National Team Russia
5. Vladislav Kurbatov (Rus) National Team Russia
6. William Muñoz (Col) Strongman-Campagnolo- Wilier
7. Jose Alfredo Aguirre (Mex) Canel’s-Specialized
8. Onel Santa Clara (Cub) National Team Cuba
9. Pavel Chursin (Rus) National Team Russia
10. Joseph Chavarria (Crc) Nestle-Giant

31. Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Quebexico    0:26
73. Michel Jean (Can) Quebexico    9:36

GC after Stage 4

1. Daniel Jara (Crc) Equipo El Colono    16:49:43
2. Pablo Mudarra (Crc) Frijoles Los Tierniticos-Arroz Halcon- Specialized    2:04
3. Jose Varela (Crc) Canet- Multiples Corella    2:24
4. Efren Santos (Mex) Canel’s-Specialized    2:32
5. Cesar Paredes (Col) Strongman-Campagnolo- Wilier    2:34
6. Kristopher Vega (Crc) Scott- Tele Uno- BCT    3:52
7. José Irias (Crc) Nestle-Giant    6:36
8. Jonathan Caicedo (Ecu) Strongman-Campagnolo- Wilier 7:42
9. Yans Carlos Arias (Cub) National Team Cuba    7:55
10. Leonardo Campos (Crc) Ciclo Corea Bike    8:29

28. Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Quebexico    17:06
57. Michel Jean (Can) Quebexico    31:17

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