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Vuelta a La Rioja Report, Results – Ewan Wins, Canada’s Meier Takes KOM

release by ORICA-GreenEDGE

April 06, 2015 (Varea, Spain) – Neo-pro sprinter Caleb Ewan has claimed his first professional win in Europe, Spanish one-day race Vuelta a La Rioja today. The 20-year-old rode with the full support of a much more experienced ORICA-GreenEDGE lineup to pull off the team’s second consecutive victory at the event following that of Michael Matthews last year. South African teammate Daryl Impey finished second.

Christian Meier  ©  Pasquale Stalteri

Having had Michael Albasini and Christian Meier in the early break, ORICA-GreenEDGE then took control at the front of the bunch for the final 30km, too strong for any outfits to challenge.

The win gives Ewan victories on three continents in 2015, following earlier season successes in Australia and Langkawi.

“Obviously this is another great confidence booster for me,” Ewan said.

“The team rode so well. You have to pinch yourself every now and then having guys that have won monuments, worn the yellow jersey and won stages at the Tour de France all working for you whilst you are sitting on the back.

“We went to the front just before the circuit. We had a few teams try to come past but with the team so strong, no one really could.”

Sport director Dave McPartland had previewed the race with one goal, a victory, and was thrilled the team could deliver to perfection.

“The guys really set the day up well for Caleb and even he was saying straight after the finish that it was pretty much a textbook lead out,” McPartland said. “Even with a textbook lead out you need to finish it off so kudos to the whole team and Caleb for today.”

“Everything is still new for Caleb, every race is new and every team he goes to he has new teammates. To have guys like today with experience he can benefit from, to keep him calm and to explain things clearly makes a big difference.”

Albasini and Meier were amongst the first group of eight riders who looked like establishing the break of the day. Unsatisfied with the combination, the peloton allowed them just 40seconds before reducing it down to 20seconds.

But in a second acceleration, they dropped two companions and survived to re-establish as a group of six at the head of the race.

After the lead hovered between one and two minutes it was eventually brought back with 40km left to ride.

The objective for ORICA-GreenEDGE was achieved; relieving the remainder of the team from any chasing duties that come associated with defend champions and a team built around a threatening sprinter.

The next dangerous move was a solo one by Alejandro Valverde (Movistar Team) who escaped to have a 35second advantage going into the final 20km.

ORICA-GreenEDGE was quick to respond, placing the entire team at the front of the peloton for the catch that occurred less than five kilometres later.

The experienced Australian outfit remained at the fore until the conclusion of the race, perfectly setting up the sprint victory and one-two.


1. Caleb Ewan (Aus) Orica GreenEdge 3:52:42
2. Daryl Impey (RSA) Orica GreenEdge
3. Andrea Palini (Ita) Skydive Dubai Pro Cycling
4. Carlos Barbero (Esp) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA
5. Jesus Herrada (Esp) Movistar Team
6. Alejandro Valverde (Esp) Movistar Team
7. Sergey Shilov (Rus) Lokosphinx
8. Jan Brockhoff (Ger) AWT Greenway  0:03
9. Andrea Peron (Ita) Team Novo Nordisk
10. Unai Intziarte (Esp) Murias Taldea
11. Erik Baska (Svk) AWT Greenway
12. Evgeny Shalunov (Rus) Lokosphinx
13. C_sar Fonte (Por) Radio Popular – Boav 0:05
14. Mikel Aristi (Esp) Spain
15. Angel Madrazo (Esp) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA
16. Delio Fernandez (Esp) W52-Quinta Da Lixa
17. Federico Figueiredo (Por) Radio Popular – Boav
18. Jose M. Diaz (Esp) Spain
19. Juan C. Riutort (Esp) Burgos Bh
20. Eneko Lizarralde (Esp) Murias Taldea
21. Christian Meier (Can) Orica GreenEdge
22. Esteban Plaza (Esp) Keith Mobel Partizan
23. Ibai Salas (Esp) Burgos Bh
24. Charles Planet (Fra) Team Novo Nordisk
25. Juan I. Perez (Esp) W52-Quinta Da Lixa
26. David Lozano (Esp) Team Novo Nordisk
27. Nuno Matos (Por) Radio Popular – Boav
28. Ivan Garcia (Esp) AWT Greenway
29. Sergey Vdovin (Rus) Lokosphinx
30. Eduard Prades (Esp) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA
31. Winner Anacona (Col) Movistar Team
32. David Rodrigues (Por) Radio Popular – Boav
33. Imanol Estevez (Esp) Murias Taldea
34. Adrian Gonzalez (Esp) Murias Taldea
35. Alexis Guerin (Fra) AWT Greenway
36. Brett Lancaster (Aus) Orica GreenEdge
37. Joonas Henttala (Fin) Team Novo Nordisk
38. Haritz Orbe (Esp) Murias Taldea
39. Rui Sousa (Por) Radio Popular – Boav
40. Xavier Sansebas (Esp) Spain
41. Ruben Menendez (Esp) Inteja-Mmr Dominican
42. Jaime Roson (Esp) Spain
43. Kevin De Mesmaeker (Bel) Team Novo Nordisk
44. Jesus Del Pino (Esp) Burgos Bh
45. Cristian Rodirguez (Esp) Spain
46. Przemys Kasperkiewicz (Pol) AWT Greenway
47. Victor Martin (Esp) Burgos Bh
48. Ruben Fernandez (Esp) Movistar Team
49. Javier Moreno (Esp) Movistar Team
50. Luis Mas (Esp) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA 0:19
51. David Belda (Esp) Burgos Bh 0:21
52. Pieter Weening (Ned) Orica GreenEdge 0:27
53. Egoitz Garcia (Esp) Murias Taldea 0:31
54. Joaquin Silva (Por) W52-Quinta Da Lixa
55. Calos Lorente (Esp) Keith Mobel Partizan 0:35
56. Cameron Meyer (Aus) Orica GreenEdge
57. Andreas Keuser (Ger) Start – Massi Cyclin
58. Daniel Quicibal (Gua) Start – Massi Cyclin
59. Garikoitz Bravo (Esp) Murias Taldea
60. Rory Sutherland (Aus) Movistar Team
61. Julen Amezqueta (Esp) Spain
62. Marc Soler (Esp) Movistar Team
63. Benat Txoperena (Esp) Murias Taldea
64. Kirill Sveshnikov (Rus) Lokosphinx
65. Michal Schlegel (Cze) AWT Greenway
66. Daniel Silva (Por) Radio Popular – Boav
67. Aleksey Rybalkin (Rus) Lokosphinx
68. Johnatan F. Sarmiento (Col) Inteja-Mmr Dominican
69. Francesco Mancebo (Esp) Skydive Dubai Pro C.
70. William Guzm‡n (Dom) Inteja-Mmr Dominican
71. Alexander Vdovin (Rus) Lokosphinx
72. Fernando Grijalba (Esp) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA 1:10
73. Simon Gerrans (Aus) Orica GreenEdge 1:16
74. Javier Valero (Esp) Keith Mobel Partizan 1:24
75. Ricadro A. Vilela (Por) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA 1:43
76. Javier Megias (Esp) Team Novo Nordisk
77. Alberto Gallego (Esp) Radio Popular – Boav
78. Michael Albasini (Sui) Orica GreenEdge 2:04
79. Jos_ Gonçalves (Por) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA
80. Samuel Magalh‹es (Por) Radio Popular – Boav

Mountain Classification

1. Christian Meier (Can) Orica GreenEdge 10  pts
2. David Belda (Esp) Burgos Bh 10
3. Angel Madrazo (Esp) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA 3
4. Ruben Fernandez (Esp) Movistar Team 2
5. Michael Albasini (Sui) Orica GreenEdge 1

Sprint Classification

1. Angel Madrazo (Esp) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA 10  pts
2. Alejandro Valverde (Esp) Movistar Team 3
3. Christian Meier (Can) Orica GreenEdge 3
4. Eduard Prades (Esp) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA 2
5. Rory Sutherland (Aus) Movistar Team 2
6. Alberto Gallego (Esp) Radio Popular – Boav 1

Combination Classification

1. Angel Madrazo (Esp) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA 5  pts
2. Christian Meier (Can) Orica GreenEdge 5
3. Alejandro Valverde (Esp) Movistar Team 4
4. Eduard Prades (Esp) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA 4
5. Ruben Fernandez (Esp) Movistar Team 4
6. David Belda (Esp) Burgos Bh 4
7. Rory Sutherland (Aus) Movistar Team 4
8. Caleb Ewan (Aus) Orica GreenEdge 3
9. Daryl Impey (RSA) Orica GreenEdge 3
10. Andrea Palini (Ita) Skydive Dubai Pro C. 3
11. Carlos Barbero (Esp) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA 3

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