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Voluntary Recall of CycleOps Pro Series Trainers

release by Saris Cycling Group

January 24, 2009 – Saris Cycling Group is issuing a voluntary recall of CycleOps Pro Series Trainer models 9014 (SuperMagneto Pro), 9331 (JetFluid Pro), 9460 (PowerBeam Pro), 9321 (JetFluid Pro Winter Training Kit), and 9322 (SuperMagneto Pro Winter Training Kit). Saris Cycling Group has identified that a limited quantity of CycleOps Pro Series Trainers released to the market without the secondary locking pin for the yellow skewer clamp knob (below) has a potential of loosening from the trainer during vigorous use. This could cause the bicycle to become disengaged.

No injuries have been reported; however, consumers that have this product should suspend use and contact Saris Cycling Group for a replacement trainer.

Identifying affected Pro Series Trainers
Compare your CycleOps Pro Series Trainer to the picture here. If it matches, we will provide a replacement trainer in exchange for your current one.

The Exchange Process
If you are a customer in Canada, contact OGC, your Canadian distributor at info@ogc.ca or call (800) 363-0693 (toll-free). www.ogc.ca

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