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Virginia Spring Training Camps

March 4, 2008 – Spring is just around the corner, a season for love and renewal. A season for my special passion, and my favorite time of year. Even after thirteen years, I still feel the same anticipation, the same joy at the thought of joining all of you and sharing the miles and roads of what has become my second home, my stomping grounds: Virginia.

Let me explain in numbers what Virginia means to groupe Centrifuge and to myself, Marc Dufour:

– 12 Spring training camps.
– All told, over a thirteen-year period, eleven months of exploring the hills and valleys of this verdant land.
– 40,000 kilometers of riding.
– Over 1,200 000 kilometers ridden by my clients in the company of Centrifuge guides.
– US$ 1,800.000 injected into the local economy.
– Attendance by over 2,000 Quebec cyclists.
– The sum of $25,000 invested in helping Quebec’s up-and-coming racers.
– Through the years, a total of 75 bikes road-tested by myself, including most Argon 18 prototypes.

It’s impossible, however, to accurately quantify the number of victories and podium places won by Centrifuge staffers and clients over the years, but we do know that these include quite a few wins and series titles at the Mardis de Lachine criterium series, victories at Canadian championships both road and track, at the Pan-Am games and even a participation in the Tour de France and a world pursuit champion’s title.

I’ve experienced many unforgettable moments in the company of my Centrifuge team and for this I thank them all.

There’s more good riding and good company coming soon, beginning in March, when I’ll be joined in Newcastle by Martin Gilbert, Kevin Lacombe, Audrey Lemieux, Bruno Langlois and others.

I’ll be here in my favorite neck of the woods with my friends and my Argon 18, ready to hit the beautiful, twisty backroads of Virginia, hoping you can join us.


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