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Victory Brewing Rider Struck by Car

February 7, 2006 – Victory Brewing rider Katharine Carroll was clipped by car in Santa Rosa, CA today. Teammates Kirsten Robbins and Katharine Carroll were on a training ride in Santa Rosa, CA on Hwy #12, when they were surprised from behind by a motorist.

The driver, an older man, apparently did not see the riders and as he overcorrected to avoid the two cyclists on the shoulder clipped Carroll and sent her to the ground pretty hard. At this point it seems that her injuries are confined to bruises, scrapes, and a sore shoulder.

“If this is my brush with a car I feel pretty lucky, right now my shoulder is very sore and I want to get it checked out at the hospital,” said a shaken Carroll.

“He came from behind and surprised us. I heard Kat grunt and felt the car brush my hip as I saw him swerve into oncoming traffic,” explained Robbins. The police arrived on the scene while two motorists had stopped to offer assistance. The blame was placed on the driver of the vehicle.

Pedal wishes Katharine a speedy recovery.

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