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Victoria Cycling League Observatory Hill Climb

August 31, 2004 – Clear skies and an open road up to the Centre of the Universe Observatory welcomed a select field of climbers yesterday. The mass start climb made its return after a 7 year hiatus. Daniel Goncalves and Jason Eagles fought it out up the 2.2km climb, with the Trek VW rider coming out victorious.

The Victoria Cycling League has three more events – Neild Rd, Mt. Doug,
Observatory hill climbs. These three individual TTs will determine the
Victoria King of the Mountains for 2004. For times and information visit

Mass Start

A Group
1. Daniel Goncalves (Trek VW) 5:15.46
2. Jason Eagles (Sidney Velo) 5:18.56
3. Leithan McGonigle (Sidney Velo) 5:40.21
4. Vaughn Hildebrand (Schwalbe) 5.42.09
5. Andrew Greydanus (TeenSpeed) 5:45.46
6. Matthew O’Hagen (Schwalbe) 5:46.25
7. Robin White (TeenSpeed) 5:50.31
8. Murray Drew (Victoria Wheelers) 5:59.78
9. Brett Boniface (Team Coastal) 6:12.09
10. Robert Goetze (Team West Coast) 6:15.09

B Group
1. Robin Gwynne 6:20.50
2. David Mercer 7:13.37

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