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Verge New England Green Mountain Cyclocross Days 1, 2 Report, Results, Photos – Gagne Wins, Rochette 2nd

release by Verge NECXS

September 16, 2013 – The Verge New England Cyclocross Series started its 2013 season today, as racers took to the hillside course in Williston, Vermont under clearing skies. The effects of the driving rain overnight were felt on the course for the early part of the day’s races as riders faced greasy corners and deep puddles of soupy mud.

However, this course favors the powerful racer rather than the mud-lovers. Green Mountain Cyclocross Weekend’s long climbs famously serve as a test of early season fitness, and its roaringly fast downhill corners challenging racers’ mettle.

Helen Wyman (Kona Factory Racing), former British National Cyclocross Champion, attacked off the line, dropping the entire women’s field in the wake of her authoritative racing prowess. On her heels were U23 racer and recipient of Tim Johnson’s Mud Fund Maghalie Rochette (cyclocrossworld.com), Crystal Anthony (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies), Natasha Elliott (Rare Vos Racing), and Mo Bruno Roy (Bob’s Red Mill p/b Seven Cycles).

By the time a full lap’s worth of racing was done, Wyman’s position in the lead was clear, and Rochette settled in to a comfortable second place spot. Meanwhile, Bruno Roy and Elliott worked together in an attempt to hunt down third wheel Anthony. Wyman took the win, Rochette clinched second. While Bruno Roy nearly managed to snatch the last podium spot from Anthony, Anthony held on for a third place finish.

The Elite women’s race at Green Mountain Cyclocross Weekend is sponsored by ENGVT, also a supporter of Jonathan Page in his successful bid for a US National Cyclocross Championship last year. ENGVT offered to even up the payout for Elite men’s and women’s fields this weekend.

“World class female athletes deserve the same payout as their male counterparts,” says Jerry Chabot of ENGVT of his decision to sponsor the Elite women’s competition. “I think the US is leading the way in women’s cross and we are seeing an influx of top women racers as a result. I would love to see the US cross circuit become the dominant circuit for Elite women.”

Commenting on the impact of ENGVT’s sponsorship on the sport, Wyman said “You in America have it dialed in – you guys are leading the way in women’s cycling. That’s why I come back every year.”

The Elite men’s race, rife with heavy hitters of cyclocross, swung into action from the whistle. An elite group formed at the head of the race, including two-time US National Cyclocross Champion Tim Johnson (Cannondale CyclocrossWorld/Pony Shop), three-time US National Cyclocross Champion Todd Wells (Specialized Racing), Swiss racer Lukas Winterberg (Mueller Landscape/Bn Bikes), Raphael Gagne (Rocky Mountain Factory), Stephen Hyde (JAM Fund/NCC/Vittoria), with Justin Lindine (Redline/NBX) at the helm.

Chasing them was Anthony Clark (JAM Fund/NCC/Vittoria) and Curtis White (Cannondale p/b CyclocrossWorld.com), in his first Elite UCI race after graduating from the Juniors race. Repeated attacks from Johnson shattered the lead group, only Gagne and Winterberg could follow, with Hyde in hot pursuit. Another attack from Johnson, and his lead grew to ten seconds – the margin by which he won today’s race. Winterberg managed second, Gagne behind him for third, with Hyde besting Lindine in a sprint finish for fourth and fifth.

Day 1 Results

Elite Women
1.  Helen Wyman (Kona Factory Racing)
2.  Maghalie Rochette (Cyclocrossworld com)
3.  Crystal Anthony (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit)
4.  Maureen Bruno Roy (Bob’s Red Mill p/b Seven Cycles)
5.  Natasha Elliott (Rare Vos Racing/Stevens)
6.  Lyne Bessette (Cyclocrossworld com)
7.  Kate Northcott (Bean Team Racing)
8.  Arley Kemmerer (C3-Twenty20 Cycling Co )
9.  Kathleen Lysakowski (Cycle Lodge)
10.  Emma White (Cyclocrossworld com)

Elite Men
1.  Tim Johnson (Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld com/Pony Shop)
2.  Lukas Winterberg (Mueller Landscape/BH Bikes)
3.  Raphael Gagne (Rocky Mountain Factory)
4.  Stephen Hyde (JAM Fund/NCC/Vittoria)
5.  Justin Lindine (Redline/NBX)
6.  Todd Wells (Specialized Racing)
7.  Anthony Clark (JAM Fund/NCC/Vittoria)
8.  Curtis White (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld com)
9.  Jean-Phillipe Thubault-Roberge (Trek Collective)
10.  Daniel Chabonov (House House Industries/Richard Sachs/RGM)

Full results here.

Day 2 Report
The second day of racing at Green Mountain Cyclocross Weekend got underway under beautiful skies set against the mountains of Vermont at the Catamount Outdoor Family Center. Today marked the second day of UCI cyclocross racing in New England, as well as the second day of the Verge New England Cyclocross Series, the premier amateur race series in the US.

Helen Wyman (Kona Factory Racing) took charge of the Elite women’s race today, leading the field before the first half lap was done as Maghalie Rochette (Cyclocrossworld.com) settled into second spot. The race for the third podium spot cranked up, led by Crystal Anthony (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies), Natasha Elliott (Rare Vos Racing), Cassandra Maximenko (Rare Vos Racing) and Mo Bruno Roy (Bob’s Red Mill p/b Seven Cycles). Meanwhile, a second chase formed on their heels, with accomplished racer Lyne Bessette (Cyclocrossworld.com) leading teammate Emma White in her second UCI race ever.

White has only just graduated from junior racing into the Elites, but spent a year racing in the category 3 men’s race. Anthony attacked, pressuring the group to a pace that only Bruno Roy could match, as Bessette worked her way up lap by lap to challenge the third and fourth place racers. Anthony kept her cool, racing clean and fast to maintain her position on the podium. Bessette bested Bruno Roy for fourth, with the end result of Wyman taking a decisive second win, Rochette with an equally decisive second, Anthony third, Bessette fourth, and Bruno Roy for fifth.

“I love the six weeks I spend racing here. It’s brilliant to be here!” gushed Wyman, who plans to race many of the storied New England cyclocross races before returning to Europe: the Midnight Ride of Cyclocross, the Gran Prix of Gloucester and the Providence Cyclocross Festival.

No rest today in the Elite men’s race, where repeated attacks lit up the front of the field like a fireworks display. The group that emerged at the front was Justin Lindine (Redline/NBX), Tim Johnson (Cannondale/CyclocrossWorld/Pony Shop), Stephen Hyde (JAM Fund/NCC/Vittoria), Raphael Gagne (Rocky Mountain Factory), Lukas Winterberg (Mueller Landscape/BH Bikes), Curtis White (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld.com), and Luke Keough (Keough Cyclocross). Lindine went on the offensive, and then Johnson took his turn, followed by Gagne, and only the strongest could hang on. A group of four settled in: Hyde, Johnson, Lindine, and Gagne.

After a crash early in the race, Todd Wells (Specialized Racing) was forced to work hard to chase down the front of the race, making his way up lap by lap; however, he never quite made contact with the race leaders, who stayed together until the final half lap. Gagne led Johnson through the final turn, maintaining his lead for his first win in a UCI cyclocross race. Johnson came across second, with Hyde claiming the third podium spot. Next up were Lindine, and Luke Keough overtaking Wells in a sprint finish for fifth.

“It’s awesome racing with Wells, a hero of mine, and Tim Johnson. I’m looking forward to the rest of the year,” said newcomer Stephen Hyde of his second UCI podium of the season, which are also his only career UCI podiums.

In the standings for the Verge New England Cyclocross Series, Melissa Seib (Bikeman.com) takes the jersey from Erin Faccone (GPM Sport) in the women’s 3/4 competition, and the Catergory 3 men’s leader is Lee Wassillie. In the 3/4 Masters women’s field, Mellissa Houde (Sportif Bromont) wears the jersey.

For the Junior 10-14 division, the boys’ leader is Sam Noel (1K2GO/Onion River Sports) and the girls’ leader is Gabrielle Czerula (ENGVT). In the Masters men’s categories, the 35+ jersey winner so far is Todd Bowden (Expowheelmen), 45+ is Roger Asphlom (Finkraft Cycling Team), and 55+ is Al Blanchard (Blue Ribbon Restaurants).

The next series race will be the Gran Prix of Gloucester, where the battle continues!

Day 2 Results

Elite Women
1. Helen Wyman (Kona Factory Racing)
2. Maghalie Rochette (Cyclocrossworld.com)
3. Crystal Anthony (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)
4. Lyne Bessette (Cyclocrossworld.com)
5. Maureen Bruno Roy (Bob’s Red Mill p/b Seven Cycles)
6. Cassandra Maximenko (Rare Vos Racing/Stevens)
7. Natasha Elliott (Rare Vos Racing/Stevens)
8. Kathleen Lysakowski (Cycle Lodge)
9. Emma White (Cyclocrossworld.com)
10. Christina Birch (JAM Fund/NCC/Vittoria)

Elite Men
1. Raphael Gagne (Rocky Mountain Factory)
2. Tim Johnson (Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld.com/Pony Shop)
3. Stephen Hyde (JAM Fund/NCC/Vittoria)
4. Justin Lindine (Redline/NBX)
5. Luke Keough (Keough Cyclocross)
6. Todd Wells (Specialized Racing)
7. Lukas Winterberg (Mueller Landscape/BH Bikes)
8. Craig Richey (SponsorConnected.com)
9. Derrick St John (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery)
10. Dan Timmerman (House House Industries/Richard Sachs/RGM)

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