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Valverde Going to Worlds in Defiance of UCI

September 8, 2007 — The Spanish cycling federation (RFEC) announced Friday that it has registered Alejandro Valverde (Caisse d’Epargne) on its national team for the 2007 Road World Championships in Stuttgart on September 30 according to AFP. This is in defiance of the wishes of the UCI who want him excluded from the Worlds and to have a disciplinary action launched against the 27-year-old Spanish cyclist for his possible involvement in the Puerto doping scandal.

A UCI press release on August 29 stated that: “These proceedings would not imply any guilt on the part of Alejandro Valverde. However, according to UCI regulations, and to safeguard the atmosphere and reputation of the World Championships, Alejandro Valverde will be prevented from participating in the forthcoming UCI Road World Championships in Stuttgart.”

The 2007 Road Worlds run from September 22-30 in Stuttgart, and September 30 sees the 267.4km elite men’s road race, the event that presumably the RFEC has registered Valverde in.

Valverde has been described as one of the “most talented” cyclists of his generation.

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