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USA Cycling Statement on Results of Landis’ “B” Sample

August 6, 2006 (Colorado Springs, Colo.) — The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) announced on Saturday, August 5, that analysis of the “B” sample provided by Floyd Landis following stage 17 of the Tour de France, has confirmed the previously announced adverse analytical finding of the “A” sample. The UCI, the international federation for the governance of cycling, has requested USA Cycling begin disciplinary procedures.

As required by its charter with the United States Olympic Committee, USA Cycling has formally referred this case to the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) as the organization solely responsible for the adjudication of anti-doping cases involving American athletes in the Olympic movement.

USADA is responsible for opening a formal disciplinary procedure against Landis based on the analysis and subsequent positive result of both the “A” and the “B” samples.

Because the matter is still open and considered a pending case until USADA makes a final determination and all appeals are heard, USA Cycling will not comment further on the Landis case or any other anti-doping matter out of respect for both the rights of the athlete and the due process. Any questions regarding the disposition of an anti-doping case involving a USA Cycling-licensed athlete will be directed to USADA.

“To maintain the same level of sensitivity and respect for both the rights of all athletes and due process as the Landis case enters the formal disciplinary phase, we will continue to refrain from comment until USADA reaches a final determination and all appeals are exhausted,” said Steve Johnson, chief executive officer of USA Cycling.

“As the governing body responsible for the sport of cycling in the United States and American athletes racing abroad, USA Cycling will continue to maintain a zero-tolerance policy for doping in our sport. Fair play is paramount in maintaining the integrity of our sport and the athletes who participate in it at any level and discipline. USA Cycling will simply not tolerate doping in our sport to protect the reputation of all athletes who practice the Olympic ideals. We are committed to working with the United States Olympic Committee, the UCI, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and the World Anti-Doping Agency to ensure a level playing field for all of our athletes.”

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