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USA Cycling Backs Armstrong

August 26, 2005 (Colorado Springs, CO) – USA Cycling echoed Lance Armstrong’s charges that the recent World Anti-Doping Agency finding is “preposterous” and that his rights have been irreparably violated in a statement released today from its headquarters in Colorado Springs.

“Preposterous is a strong word, but it is warranted in this case,” said Gerard Bisceglia, chief executive officer of the sport’s National Governing Body. “Lance Armstrong is one of the most tested athletes in the history of sport and he has come up clean every single time. This kind of years-ago testing of a single sample with new technology is completely without credibility. What’s worse is that Lance cannot defend himself because there is no mechanism for final resolution.”

“We are appalled at the blatant violation of ethics associated with the release of these supposed results and will support Lance in whatever action he chooses to take in efforts to denounce these accusations,” Bisceglia added.

According to Bisceglia, Armstrong in 2000 was put into the USADA “No Notice” pool of American cyclists who are subject to testing any time of day, 365 days per year. During that period he has come up clean over 200 times.

“The fact that individuals inside the anti-doping community have seen fit to comment on this is also distressing,” said Bisceglia. “The mission of WADA is to test meticulously and simultaneously to respect the rights of the athletes. That has not happened here and it is a shame.”

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