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USA Crits Lake Bluff Twilight Criterium Full Results + Interview w/Winner Jean-Michel Lachance

by pedalmag.com

June 02, 2012 (Lake Bluff, IL) – Canada’s Jean Michel Lachance (Rossetti Devo Cycling Team) scored the biggest win of his career as he took the final sprint on Friday at the inaugural Lake Bluff Twilight Criterium, round #6 of the 2012 US Crits Championship Series. Lachance escaped with other four riders and lapped the field in the Men’s Pro/1 Invitational 2, 90-minute race, taking the final sprint to the line for the victory. We caught up with Lachance just before his next race, the 6th Annual Glencoe Grand Prix in Glencoe, Illinois.


1. Jean-Michel Lachance (Rossetti Devo Cycling Team) 1:46:56
2. Jeremy Durrin (J.A.M. Fund / NCC)
3. Rafael A. Meran (CRCA/Foundation)
4. Sergio Hernandez (Jelly Belly Cycling)
5. Rudolph Napolitano
6. Luke Keough (Mountain Khakis/SmartStop)
7. Colin Jaskiewicz (Champion System p/b Stan’s NoTubes)
8. Oscar Clark (Team United Healthcare Georgia/)
9. Shane Kline (Mountain Khakis/SmartStop)
10. Rahsaan Bahati (Bahati Foundation-CA)
11. Tony Hall (Champion System p/b Stan’s NoTubes)
12. Emile Abraham (Latino Cycling Team)
13. Daniel Holt
14. Michael Sherer (Team Optum p/b Kelly Benefit St)
15. Chad Hartley (Kenda 5-Hour Energy Cycling Tea)
16. Patrick Lemieux (Kenda 5-Hour Energy Cycling Tea)
17. Gavriel Epstein (Champion System p/b Stan’s NoTubes)  
18. Daniel Chabanov (Foundation)
19. Brendan Cornett (TBB Sports)
20. Rob White
21. Brandon Feehery (Astella Oncology p/b ABD Cyclin)
22. Alexander Bremer (Foundation)
23. John (Jackie) Simes (Jamis/Sutter Home)
24. Mac Brennan (Bissell-ABG-NUVO)
25. Ryan Knapp (Panther p/b Competitive Cyclist)
26. Ryan Mele (Stan’s NoTubes/AXA Equitable)
27. Maxwell Anderson (LAPT CC)
28. Euris R. Vidal (CRCA/Foundation)
29. Daniel Harm (ABD Cycling Club)
30. David Cueli (Team Cocos)
31. Jacob Rytlewski (Astella Oncology p/b ABD Cyclin)
32. Weston Luzadder (Bissell-ABG-NUVO)
33. Anthony Olson (Bianchi/Grand Performance)
34. Alex Vanias (Bissell-ABG-NUVO)
35. Alex Wieseler (Bissell-ABG-NUVO)
36. Nicolas Frey
37. Alexander Gonzalez (Rossetti Devo Cycling Team)
38. Ariel Mendez-Penate (Champion System p/b Stan’s NoTubes)
39. Ryan Sullivan (Team United Healthcare Georgia/)
40. Nicholas Inabinet (ABD Cycling Club)
41. Sam Stone (Lakes Area Physical Therapy)
42. David Moyer (xXx Racing)
43. Chris Arndt (Lakes Area Physical Therapy)
44. Menso de Jong (Jelly Belly Cycling)
45. David Forkner (Foundation)
46. Branden Russell
47. Dustin Morici (Sammy’s Bike)
48. Stathy Touloumis (Alberto’s Sport)
49. Alexander Meyer (Mitsubishi Laser/Grand Performa)
50. Ricky Gargiulo (Champion System p/b Stan’s NoTubes)
51. Nicholas Ramirez (Enzo’s-PSIMET)
52. Zachary Davies
53. Frank Travieso (Team Coco’s)
54. Brian Hill (Stan’s NoTubes/AXA Equitable)
55. Nathaniel Williams (Bissell-ABG-NUVO)
56. Erik Loberg (Great Dane Velo Club)
57. Liam Donoghue (xXx Racing)
58. Timothy Rugg (Champion System p/b Stan’s NoTubes)

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