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UCI World Cup – 4X Round #1

June 1, 2003 – Notably missing from the top three in the men's race was last year's World Cup Champion Brian Lopes (49th), Cedric Gracia (17th), Mike King (12th) and Wade Bootes (7th). Canada had one rider in the field, Jordie Lunn, in 34th place, finished with an impressive result.

In the women's event the race format is still gaining popularity, with only 10 women competing at the international race. Missing in action was France's Anne-Caroline Chausson, last year's World Cup DH Champ, 4X Champ and World Champion.

Men's 4X Results
1. Greg Minnaar, RSA
2. Eric Carter, USA
3. Steve Peat, GBR; Team Orange
4. Michal Prokop CZE

Women's 4X Results
1. Katrina Miller, AUS
2. Moi Suemasa, JPN (Trek-Volkswagen)
3. Anneke Beerten NED
4.Tara Llanes USA

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