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UCI Track World Cup Finale Guadalajara Report, Results, Photos – Canadian WTP Strikes Gold, Barrette 4th in Keirin, Beveridge 9th in Omnium

release by Cycling Canada
January 20, 2014 (Guadalajara, Mexico) – Canada’s track cycling team celebrated a gold medal and a fourth place for a pair of rising stars at the final track World Cup event of the season.The three-day world cup started off in superb fashion with victory for the women’s team pursuit squad, despite competing without Gillian Carleton (Victoria BC) due to illness.
Alternate Allison Beveridge (Calgary AB) lined up for the first time alongside Jasmin Glaesser (Vancouver BC), Stephanie Roorda (Vancouver, BC) and Laura Brown (Vancouver BC) and the team qualified with the fastest time of 4:23.828 in the afternoon session, sending them to the gold medal ride against the U.S. in the evening.
The ride for gold against the US squad only lasted 3 km out of the normal 4 as the Canucks ended the race early by gaining a half-lap on their rivals and win gold.
The gold medal performance from the Canadian quartet not only meant that Canada would win the overall World Cup in the women’s team pursuit but it also meant that Allison Beveridge would step on the podium in her first participation in a World Cup event as a starter.
The second day of competition was marked by joy and frustration for Hugo Barrette (Cap-aux-Meules QC) in the men’s keirin.  Going into the repechage round Hugo broke his handlebars on the start and was forced to restart the round riding on regular road bars. Focusing on the task at hand, Hugo was able to win the repechage nonetheless to progress on to the semifinals.

Now with proper track sprint bars back on his bike Hugo continued his great rides to win the semfinal heat and move onto the finals. Once in the finals a podium performance was well within reach as two riders were eliminated for passing the pace motorcycle. This forced a restart with only four riders and Barrette crossed the line second only to be relegated for having made an illegal move involving British rider Alexander Lewis with 1 1-2 laps to go. Despite ending up fourth, this marked the first time that Barrette has made it to a Keirin final at a world cup which marks a significant milestone in his short career.

Also flying the flag for Canada on the second day was Beveridge in the women’s omnium, finishing 10th in the flying lap, second in the points race and eighth in the elimination race to end the first day of the omnium competition sitting 6th overall.

On the third and final day of competition Joseph Veloce (Toronto ON) and Barrette were the first to hit the boards in the men’s sprint qualifier. Neither of them were among the top-16 that made it through the next round but their times were solid considering that this World Cup was the first competition for Veloce since being seriously injured in a crash in Colorado in the summer and that Hugo had not fully recovered from the previous day’s races.

In the women’s Omnium, Beveridge was 11th in the 3 km individual pursuit, 13th in the scratch race and 13th place in the 500m time trial to finish a respectable 9th place overall.

“Overall this World Cup has been a good one for the Canadians where some were able to rise to the occasion and gain experience, performances and notoriety on the world’s stage,” said Jacques Landry, High Performance Director – Head Coach of Cycling Canada. “The fact that we have new faces reaching the podium or getting really close to it is a testament to the great work that is being done by our coaches and support teams to identify new talent and to fast-track the development of that talent. We are in a very good position right now and it’s only improving.”

“This has been an encouraging week when you factor in where the team is at in its training cycle. Allison’s performances were good and this competition was definitely a good opportunity for her to gain valuable experience,” said Craig Griffin, Head Track Endurance Coach for Cycling Canada. “The weekend’s performances confirm that everything we are doing is going in the right direction. These are exciting times going into the world championships having a lot of momentum and a full six weeks to continue building.”The Canadian team will be back in action at the track world championships in Cali, Colombia, from Feb. 26 to March 2.Results – Day 3 (Day 2Day 1)

Women’s Omnium

Individual Pursuit
1. Katarzyna Pawlowska (Poland) 3:34.554
2. Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro (Spain) 3:37.507
3. Isabella King (Australia) 3:38.192
4. Ganna Solovei (Ukraine) 3:38.908
5. Dani King (Great Britain) 3:39.469
6. Simona Frapporti (Italy) 3:39.755
7. Mieke Kroger (Germany) 3:40.583
8. Evgeniya Romanyuta (Russia) 3:40.838
9. Jannie Salcedo (Colombia) 3:43.992
10. Laurie Berthon (France) 3:44.042
11. Allison Beveridge (Canada) 3:44.061
12. Angie Sabrina Gonzalez (Venezuela) 3:44.754
13. Sofia Arreola Navarro (Mexico) 3:45.090
14. Cristina Irma Greve (Argentina) 3:47.708
15. Katsiaryna Barazna (Belarus) 3:49.619
16. Xiao Juan Diao (Hong Kong) 3:49.703
17. Kelly Druyts (Belgium) 3:50.157
18. Sakura Tsukagoshi (Japan) 3:51.037
19. Alzbeta Pavlendova (Slovakia) 3:59.068

Scratch Race
1. Isabella King (Australia)
2. Laurie Berthon (France)
3. Katarzyna Pawlowska (Poland)
4. Dani King (Great Britain)
5. Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro (Spain)
6. Xiao Juan Diao (Hong Kong)
7. Katsiaryna Barazna (Belarus)
8. Alzbeta Pavlendova (Slovakia)
9. Jannie Salcedo (Colombia)
10. Kelly Druyts (Belgium)
11. Simona Frapporti (Italy)
12. Evgeniya Romanyuta (Russia)
13. Allison Beveridge (Canada)
14. Sakura Tsukagoshi (Japan)
15. Angie Sabrina Gonzalez (Venezuela)
16. Mieke Kroger (Germany)
17. Ganna Solovei (Ukraine)
18. Sofia Arreola Navarro (Mexico)
19. Cristina Irma Greve (Argentina)

Time Trial 500m
1. Laurie Berthon (France) 35.241
2. Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro (Spain) 35.502
3. Angie Sabrina Gonzalez (Venezuela) 35.852
4. Isabella King (Australia) 36.195
5. Kelly Druyts (Belgium) 36.226
6. Simona Frapporti (Italy)
7. Katarzyna Pawlowska (Poland) 36.413
8. Sakura Tsukagoshi (Japan) 36.480
9. Xiao Juan Diao (Hong Kong) 36.665
10. Evgeniya Romanyuta (Russia) 36.666
11. Jannie Salcedo (Colombia) 36.731
12. Katsiaryna Barazna (Belarus) 36.761
13. Allison Beveridge (Canada) 37.000
14. Ganna Solovei (Ukraine) 37.151
15. Cristina Irma Greve (Argentina) 37.155
16. Dani King (Great Britain) 37.181
17. Mieke Kroger (Germany) 37.342
18. Alzbeta Pavlendova (Slovakia) 37.503
19. Sofia Arreola Navarro (Mexico) 39.094

Final Standings
1. Katarzyna Pawlowska (Poland) 20 pts
2. Isabella King (Australia) 21
3. Laurie Berthon (France) 25
4. Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro (Spain) 37
5. Dani King (Great Britain) 42
6. Evgeniya Romanyuta (Russia) 49
7. Angie Sabrina Gonzalez (Venezuela) 53
8. Simona Frapporti (Italy) 55
9. Allison Beveridge (Canada) 57
10. Kelly Druyts (Belgium) 60
11. Katsiaryna Barazna (Belarus) 63
12. Xiao Juan Diao (Hong Kong) 66
13. Jannie Salcedo (Colombia) 70
14. Ganna Solovei (Ukraine) 71
15. Sakura Tsukagoshi (Japan) 85
16. Cristina Irma Greve (Argentina) 86
17. Mieke Kroger (Germany) 87
18. Alzbeta Pavlendova (Slovakia) 95
19. Sofia Arreola Navarro (Mexico) 97

Men’s Sprint

1. Damian Zielinski (Poland) 9.843
2. Max Niederlag (Germany) 9.903
3. Edward Dawkins (HPSNZ Track Trade Team) 9.912
4. Hugo Haak (Netherlands) 9.928
5. Erik Balzer (Germany) 9.932
6. Christos Volikakis (Greece) 9.945
7. Kevin Sireau (France) 9.947
8. Sam Webster (New Zealand) 9.949
9. Juan Peralta Gascon (Spain) 9.970
10. Krzysztof Maksel (Poland) 9.976
11. Callum Crichton Skinner (Great Britian) 9.978
12. Matthew Archibald (New Zealand) 9.982
13. Lewis Alexander Oliva (Great Britian) 9.996
14. Mitchell Bullen (Australia) 9.998
15. Chao Xu (China) 10.007
16. Quentin Lafargue (France) 10.012
17. Nikita Shurshin (Russia) 10.016
18. Seiichiro Nakagawa (Cyclo Channel Tokyo) 10.017
19. Bernard Esterhuizen (South Africa) 10.045
20. Azizulhasni Awang (YSD Track Team) 10.052
21. Matthijs Buchli (Netherlands) 10.078
22. Kirill Samusenko (Russia) 10.125
23. Tomoyuki Kawabata (Cyclo Channel Tokyo) 10.126
24. Adam Ptacnik (Czech Republic) 10.140
25. Joseph Veloce (Canada) 10.154
26. Jacob Schmid (Australia) 10.156
27. Tomas Babek (Czech Republic) 10.168
28. Hugo Barrette (Canada) 10.187
29. Jose Moreno Sanchez (Spain) 10.199
30. Santiago Ramirez (Colombia) 10.236
31. Leandro Hernan Botasso (Argentina) 10.374
32. Angel Pulgar (Venezuela) 10.383
33. Francesco Ceci (Italy) 10.440
34. Yhonny Araujo (Venezuela) 10.452

Top 16 riders qualify for 1/8 finals

1/8 Finals

Heat 1
1. Quentin Lafargue (France)
2. Damian Zielinski (Poland)

Heat 2
1. Max Niederlag (Germany)
2. Chao Xu (China)

Heat 3
1. Edward Dawkins (HPSNZ Track Trade Team)
2. Mitchell Bullen (Australia)

Heat 4
1. Hugo Haak (Netherlands)
2. Lewis Alexander Oliva (Great Britian)

Heat 5
1. Matthew Archibald (New Zealand)
2. Erik Balzer (Germany)

Heat 6
1. Christos Volikakis (Greece)
2. Callum Crichton Skinner (Great Britian)

Heat 7
1. Kevin Sireau (France)
2. Krzysztof Maksel (Poland)

Heat 8
1. Sam Webster (New Zealand)
2. Juan Peralta Gascon (Spain)

Winner of each heat qualifies to quarterfinals
Losers go to Quarter Finals B

Quarter Finals

Heat 1
1. Sam Webster (New Zealand) 2 straight
2. Quentin Lafargue (France)

Heat 2
1. Max Niederlag (Germany) 2 straight
2. Kevin Sireau (France)

Heat 3
1. Edward Dawkins (HPSNZ Track Trade Team)  2 straight
2. Christos Volikakis (Greece)

Heat 4
1. Hugo Haak (Netherlands) Best 2 of 3
2. Matthew Archibald (New Zealand)

Winner of each heat qualifies to semifinals
Losers go to race for 5th-8th place

Quarter Finals B

Heat 1
1. Damian Zielinski (Poland)
2. Juan Peralta Gascon (Spain)

Heat 2
1. Chao Xu (China)
2. Krzysztof Maksel (Poland)

Heat 3
1. Callum Crichton Skinner (Great Britian)
2. Mitchell Bullen (Australia)

Heat 4
1. Erik Balzer (Germany)
2. Lewis Alexander Oliva (Great Britian)

Winner of each heat qualify to semifinals B

Semi Finals B

Heat 1
1. Erik Balzer (Germany)
2. Damian Zielinski (Poland)

Heat 2
1. Callum Crichton Skinner (Great Britian)
2. Chao Xu (China)

Winners race for 9th and 10th
Losers race for 11th and 12th

Finals B
9. Erik Balzer (Germany)
10. Callum Crichton Skinner (Great Britian)
11. Chao Xu (China)
12. Damian Zielinski (Poland)


Heat 1
1. Hugo Haak (Netherlands) 2 straight
2. Sam Webster (New Zealand)

Heat 2
1. Max Niederlag (Germany) 2 straight
2. Edward Dawkins (HPSNZ Track Trade Team)

Winners race for gold – losers race for bronze

Final 5th-8th
5. Christos Volikakis (Greece)
6. Matthew Archibald (New Zealand)
7. Quentin Lafargue (France)
8. Kevin Sireau (France)

Final for Gold
1. Hugo Haak (Netherlands) 2 straight
2. Max Niederlag (Germany)

Final for Bronze
3. Sam Webster (New Zealand) 2 straight
4. Edward Dawkins (HPSNZ Track Trade Team)

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