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UCI Rejects Proposed Trophée des Trois Grands Tours

February 16, 2006 РThe UCI ProTour Council (UPTC) has attentively examined the proposal from ASO, RCS and Unipublic, aiming to create a Troph̩e des Trois Grands Tours.

The UPTC has noted that this project does not respect the principles of the road cycling reform as introduced by the UCI. In particular, this project lies on a financial approach which is counter-productive, and which would harm the visibility of the cycling calendar, demonstrating moreover, a lack of responsibility towards cycling as a whole.

On the basis of these elements, the UPTC has therefore unanimously decided not to support this project.

According to this opinion, and in accordance with article 1.2.026 of the UCI cycling regulations, the UCI does not consequently authorize the organization of a Trophée des Trois Grands Tours.

The UCI would like to restate that within the frame of the 2006 UCI ProTour, the position of ASO, RCS and Unipublic will be the same as in 2005:
– registration of events on the 2006 UCI ProTour calendar
– mandatory participation for the 20 UCI ProTeams to all events of the UCI ProTour
– attribution of UCI ProTour points in accordance with the point scale as foreseen by the rules.

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