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UCI Registers 135 Continental Teams and 45 Women’s Teams for 2009

release by the UCI

February 16, 2009 – The registration procedure for the UCI Continental Teams and Women’s Teams for the 2009 season has been completed. The International Cycling Union (UCI) has registered 135 Continental Teams from 45 countries and 29 Women’s Teams from 14 countries.

The complete list of these teams and their members is available on the UCI website here.

All the European Federations successfully undertook the new registration procedure, which includes a requirement that each team provide a compulsory bank guarantee. This new procedure will be introduced on the other continents from 2010. However, some countries have already taken it into consideration.

The result of the registrations for the 2009 season is very positive: new nations, such as Croatia, Sweden, Norway, Andorra and New Zealand, have decided to register UCI Continental Teams for the first time to compete on the UCI Continental Circuits.

Also of note is that South Africa has registered the first African Women’s Team in history.

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