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UCI Paracycling Road Worlds Day 1 Report, Full Results – Labbé Wins Bronze

report by the CCA

August 19, 2010 (Baie-Comeau, QC) – Canada’s Robert Labbé (Québec, QC) won the bronze medal in the Individual Time Trial race as the 2010 UCI Para-Cycling Road World Championships kicked off today in Baie-Comeau, QC. Labbé, the defending champion in that discipline, placed third for the bronze by stopping the clock at 27 minutes 31.31 seconds in the Men’s H1 category.

“It’s a good start to these Championships. I was aiming for a podium and I am very happy with the medal. I would have preferred to keep the title, but anything can happen in a race. I’m racing back on Saturday (in the road race) but I’m happy with the medal. I will aim to win the world title in the road race. It should be fine, and whatever the outcome, I will give the maximum.”

“There is lots of people supporting us and the event, the atmosphere is very good and the course is challenging with the huge Côte Saint-Georges (8%) to surpass, which is the biggest challenge.”

In the Men’s H2, Mark Beggs (Montréal, QC) placed in sixth position with a time of 20 minutes 54.53 seconds. Rico Morneau (Sainte-Martine, QC) finished the course in 12th position with a time of 21.28.18 seconds.

Canada’s Marie-Claude Molnar (Sainte-Adèle, QC) was the first Canadian out of the gates in the opening race of the event. Molnar came third of her group of three with a time of 39 minutes 53.04 seconds in the C category, but managed to shave lots of time in between her results last season and this season.

“This is an excellent third place. I am very satisfied, because there has been very good improvements in comparison with last season. Last year I had three minutes behind the second place, and this year I’m only 13 seconds behind,” said Molnar, 26 years old in her second year on the Canadian Para-cycling team.

“We had the opportunity to meet Dr. Pierre Beauchamp, a sports psychologist at the preparation camp in Bromont. I worked with him to help me find tools to better prepare myself for the race, and it really helped me a lot today,” added Molnar.

Shelley Gauthier (Toronto, ON), who classified in the T1 category, was the lone racer in that category. Gauthier, who hopes to become the first Canadian female to compete in the Trike category at the Paralympic Games, finished the course with a time of 35 minutes 04.31 seconds.

“There were lots of hills and lots of pedalling. I just concentrated on getting out there and pedalling and I did very well. My goal was to use the course and do it in good form and remember all the things about cycling. I was racing against myself, so I had to beat my training time, with I did by 1 minutes 36 seconds, said Gauthier, attending her first World Championships.

Over 300 of the World’s best Para-cyclists from 40 countries compete this week for World Championship titles.

The 2010 UCI Para-Cycling Road World Championships continues tomorrow with the presentation of the Tandem (B) as well as the Cycle (C) Men Time Trial.

Morning results here.

Results –

Men H1 – 11.4km
1. Wolfgang Schattauer (Austria) 26:10.2
2. Alain Quittet (France) 01:12.6
3. Robert Labbe (Canada) 01:21.1
4. Yakov Lion (Isreal) 01:22.9
5. Mark Rohan (Ireland) 02:32.5
6. Rastislav Turecek (Slovakia) 03:49.9
7. Christoph Etzlstorfer (Austria) 03:59.4
8. Tobias Fankhauser (Switzerland) 05:27.0
9. Patrick Pascal (France) 05:36.7
10. Christophe Hindricq (Belgium) 06:00.2
11. Torben Bröer (Germany) 11:02.8
12. Marcos Alberto Torres Perez (Mexico) 14:00.1

Men H2 – 11.4km
1. Jean-Marc Berset (Switzerland) 19:38.1
2. Heinz Frei (Switzerland) 00:22.8
3. Stefan Bäumann (Germany) 00:23.5
4. Lukas Weber (Switzerland) 00:25.2
5. Max Weber (Germany) 01:04.2
6. Mark Beggs (Canada) 01:16.4
7. Matthew Updike (United States) 01:19.1
8. Walter Ablinger (Austria) 01:26.8
9. Manfred Putz (Austria) 01:32.8
10. David Randall (United States) 01:33.7
11. Paolo Cecchetto (Italy) 01:42.5
12. Rico Morneau (Canada) 01:50.1
13. Stuart Mc Readie (South Africa) 02:31.6
14. Mischa Hielkema (Netherlands) 02:40.9
15. David Franek (France) 02:45.2
16. Edward Camille Maalouf (Lebanon) 02:51.2
17. Mehrez Assas (France) 02:55.1
18. Hang Duk Cho (Korea) 03:29.2
19. Mauro Cattai (Italy) 03:36.2
20. Yong Ki Kim (Korea) 04:11.3
21. Michael Taylor (Australia) 04:30.8
22. Jarrod Moncur (Australia) 06:28.2
23. Carlos Eduardo Camara (Brazil) 10:03.6
DSQ Vittorio Podesta (Italy)

Men H3 – 22.8km
1. Joël Jeannot (France) 41:00.3
2. Bernd Jeffré (Germany) 00:1.38
3. Vico Merklein (Germany) 00:6.79
4. Arkadiusz Skrzypinski (Poland) 00:53.7
5. Mark Ledo (Canada) 01:13.6
6. Nigel Barley (Australia) 01:29.1
7. Krige Schabort (South Africa) 02:28.2
8. Zbigniew Wandachowicz (Poland) 03:10.9
9. Giovanni Achenza (Italy) 03:22.4
10. Naohiko Okumura (Japan) 04:05.2
11. Athos Libanore (Switzerland) 04:50.7
12. Klaus Dolleschal (Austria) 05:27.4
13. Peter Lorkowski (Luxembourg) 05:47.5
14. Anders Themsen (Denmark) 07:30.5
15. Stanislav Biza (Czech Republic) 08:26.7
16. Karol Doherty (Ireland) 15:50.4

Men H4 – 22.8km
1. Oscar Sanchez (United States) 38:08.4
2. Ernst Van Dyk (South Africa) 01:00.7
3. Wim Decleir (Belgium) 01:19.8
4. Norbert Mosandl (Germany) 01:54.9
5. Alessandro Zanardi (Italy) 02:08.8
6. Jose Vicente Arzo Diago (Spain) 02:11.7
7. Johan Reekers (Netherlands) 02:40.3
8. Bruno Huber (Switzerland) 04:59.7

Women H2 – 11.4km
1. Ursula Schwaller (Switzerland) 24:33.1
2. Marianna Davis (United States) 00:32.1
3. Francesca Fenocchio (Italy) 02:35.7
4. Karen Darke (Great Britain) 02:50.7
5. Anna Oroszova (Slovakia) 03:23.9
6. Nicole Den Dulk (Netherlands) 04:59.1
7. Renata Kaluza (Poland) 07:01.2
8. Tiffiney Perry (New Zealand) 08:10.7

Women H3 – 11.4km
1. Rachel Morris (Great Britain) 23:34.7
2. Sandra Graf (Switzerland) 02:15.2
3. Susan Reid (New Zealand) 05:10.8
4. Jung Im Kim (Korea) 05:56.9
5. Connie Hansen (Denmark) 06:19.9
6. Muriel Lambert (France) 07:20.9

Women H4 – 11.4km
1. Andrea Eskau (Germany) 21:11.7
2. Laura De Vaan (Netherlands) 03.17
3. Dorothee Vieth (Germany) 01:13.2
4. Monica Pudlis (Poland) 03:39.5

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