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UCI Para-Cycling Road World Cup Matane – Day 1 Report, Results

report by Cycling Canada

August 22, 2013 (Matane, QC) – The 2013 UCI Para-Cycling World Cup Finals in Matane, QC began today with the first wave of time trials, and the entire para-cycling community rallied in solidarity to show their support to the Canadian team that lost its star tandem.

After the highly emotional day that the Canadian Team faced yesterday with the lost of its star tandem due to a motor vehicle accident, the Canadian para-cyclists regrouped to kick start the competition.

Mark Ledo had the best Canadian performance of the day, finishing fourth of the men’s H3 time trial race, approximately 15 seconds from a spot on the podium. Robert Labbé posted his international personal best this season.

Three Canadian competed in the Men H2 race, with Charles Moreau taking the eight spot, while Mark Beggs and Jimmy Pelletier finished 10th and 14th.

In the women’s H2 race, Myriam Adam finished tenth.

The event continues with the second waive of time trials on Friday, and two days of road racing on the weekend.

Men H1
1. Luca Mazzone (Italy) 29:53.80
1. William Groulx (USA)
3. Mark Rohan (Ireland) 29.95

7. Robert Labbe (Canada) 3:11.59

Men H2
1. Vittorio Podesta (Italy) 24:45.84
2. Walter Ablinger (Austria) 39.57
3. William Lachenauer (USA) 50.06

8. Charles Moreau (Canada) 2:00.43
10. Mark Beggs (Canada) 2:10.67
14. Jimmy Pelletier (Canada) 3:18.79

Men H3
1. Rafal Wilk (Poland) 24:33.91
2. Vico Merklein (Germany) 31.81
3. Nigel Barley (Australia) 49.96

4. Mark Ledo (Canada) 1:06.26

Women H2
1. Marianna Davis  (USA) 29:46.00
2. Renata Kaluza (Poland) 50.62
3. Alicia Brelsford Dana (USA) 1:39.10

11. Myriam Adam (Can Independent) 10:06.04

Women H3
1. Monica Bascio (USA) 29:07.55
2. Svetlana Moshkovich (Russia) 1:24.33
3. Sandra Graf (Switzerland) 2:54.08

5. Sara Mailhot (Can Independent) 12:34.32

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