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UCI News – Disciplinary Action Against Rasmussen and New BMX Medical Partner

February 8, 2008 – The International Cycling Union (UCI) has announced that Winning Medicine International (WMI Corp.) will be the official medical partner for all UCI BMX events in 2008.

The aim of this new partnership is to offer BMX athletes a medical service with maximum security and top first aid treatment at all UCI events. The season gets under way with the first leg of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Madrid on February 8th and 9th.

WMI Corp. is a medical management company with worldwide experience providing medical support at sporting events such as motocross, skiing, snowboarding and speedboat racing.

WMI Corp. will be present with a medical director and an experienced doctor at all the 2008 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup events and the 2008 UCI BMX World Championships. They will work closely with the local medical crew to set up a comprehensive medical coverage for each event. The same first aid crew will work at all the UCI events.

“This partnership raises the level of medical professionalism at our events,” says Johan Lindström, UCI BMX Sports Coordinator. “I believe this will be welcomed by teams and athletes, knowing that they will be attended by experienced medical staff and that it will be the same crew working at all UCI events.”

Rick Bahr, President/CEO of WMI Corp. said the partnership proved that the UCI was committed to providing quality care and medical professionalism for athletes. “Athletes worldwide would agree that a consistent professional medical team that understands their sport and their level of competition is important for their security” says Rick Bahr. “Our experienced staff, with proven ability at the highest level of competition, offers these athletes, their teams and the UCI the comfort of knowing the best decisions will be made and the best possible medical care provided.”

UCI Asks for Disciplinary Proceedings Against Michael Rasmussen

Today the International Cycling Union (UCI) has asked the Monaco Cycling Federation, with whom Michael Rasmussen held a racing licence, to open disciplinary proceedings under the UCI Anti Doping Rules.

Michael Rasmussen has publicly acknowledged what the UCI believes to be violations of its whereabouts requirements under Rule 15.4 in the period leading up to the Tour de France 2007.

After an extensive and careful investigation of the circumstances the UCI also believes that Michael Rasmussen violated Rules 15.3 and 15.5 by evading controls in a premeditated manner and preventing controls being undertaken.

As part of the disciplinary proceedings Mr Rasmussen will be able to respond to the UCI’s case as submitted to the Monaco Cycling Federation.

These violations, if proved, carry a penalty of a two year suspension.

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