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UCI MTB Worlds 2008 – 4X Men\’s and Women\’s Report, Full Results, Photos

June 21, 2008 (Val di Sole, Italy) – Despite costs in the 10s of thousands of Euros the missing link to 4X racing has been solved. The course here in Italy had it all – multiple lines, passing lanes, flat corners, bermed corners, MTB features and unfortunately, lots of crashes. Spain’s Rafael Alvares de Lara Luca took home his first world championship after Mickael Deldycke (Fra) tried to take advantage of a hole left by Jared Graves (Australia) in the final heat. Deldycke’s move went wrong and he managed to take out 3/4 of the field. Lara Luca cruised to the finish followed by Roger Rindernecht (Sui), Deldycke in 3rd and Jared Graves in 4th.

Top Czech rider, Michal Prokop, was taken out in practice earlier in the week when he tweaked tendons in his shoulder, hopefully he will still be able to perform in Beijing in August.

For the women it was American Melissa Buhl taking home the gold when Anneke Berrten (Ned), leading the entire run and jumping the boys double-double line, washed out heading up a roller and handed the win to Buhl. Jana Harakova (Cze) was second, Romana Labounkova (Cze) was third while Berrten rolled to the finish in tears in 4th place. Buhl discussed her run: “After seeing the course I knew 4X would be my focus this week. Winning is unbelievable”. No Canadians were entered in the event.


Elite Women

Big Final
1. Melissa Buhl (USA)
2. Jana Horakova (Czech Republic)
3. Romana Labounkova (Czech Republic)
4. Anneke Beerten (Netherlands)

Small Final
5. Caroline Buchanan (Australia)
6. Lucia Oetjen (Switzerland)
7. Anita Molcik (Austria)
8. Mio Suemasa (Japan)

1/4 Finals
9. Sabrina Jonnier (France)
10. Fionn Griffiths (Great Britain)
11. Céline Gros (France)
12. Joanna Petterson (RSA)
13. Sarsha Huntington (Australia)
14. Helene Valerie Fruhwirth (Austria)
15. Diana Marggraff (Ecuador)
16. Eva Castro Fernandez (Spain)

17. Steffi Marth (Germany)
18. Angelika Hohenwarter (Austria)
19. Elisa Canepa (Italy)
20. Neven Steinmetz (USA)
21. Rachel Seydoux (Switzerland)
22. Jessica Vogt (USA)
DNS Katarina Tothova (Czech Republic)

Elite Men

Big Final
1. Rafael Alvares de Lara Luca (Spa)
2. Roger Rinderknecht (Switzerland)
3. Mickael Deldycke (France)
4. Jared Graves (Australia)

Small Final
5. Brian Lopes (USA)
6. Scott Beaumont (Great Britain)
7. Romain Saladini (France)
8. Ross Milan (USA)

1/4 Finals
9. Cédric Gracia (France)
10. Tomas Slavik (Czech Republic)
11. Matej Vitko (Slovakia)
12. Lewis Lacey (Great Britain)
13. Joost Wichman (Netherlands)
14. Sascha Meyenborg (Germany)
15. Guido Tschugg (Germany)
16. Jurg Meijer (Netherlands)

1/8 Finals
17. Kamil Tatarkovic (Czech Republic)
18. Filip Polc (Slovakia)
19. Premek Tejchman (Czech Republic)
20. Dominik Gspan (Switzerland)
21. Michael Robert Haderer (USA)
22. Thomas Schäfer (Germany)
23. Rastislav Pirman (Slovakia)
24. Tomas Haluza (Czech Republic)
25. Mario José Jarrin Molina (Ecuador)
26. Quentin Derbier (France)
27. Reto Schmid (Switzerland)
28. Cameron Cole (New Zealand)
29. Peter Prajczer (Hungary)
30. Tilen Frank (Slovenia)
31. Blake Carney (USA)
32. Johannes Fischbach (Germany)

1/16 Finals
33. Alex Lloyd (Australia)
34. Marek Pesko (Slovakia)
35. Adrian Kiener (Switzerland)
36. Matej Stapic (Slovenia)
37. Randal Huntington (Australia)
38. Will Longden (Great Britain)
39. Eric Nelson (USA)
40. Daniel Auerswald (Germany)
41. Radim Kvacek (Czech Republic)
42. William Evans (Great Britain)
43. Cody Eichhorn (Australia)
44. Craig Pattle (New Zealand)
45. Terrence Scarr (Australia)
46. Gabor Vigh-Kiss (Hungary)
47. Luka Novak (Slovenia)
48. Wyn Masters (New Zealand)
49. Grzegorz Borodajko (Poland)
50. Jakub Hnidak (Czech Republic)
51. Adam Nicholson (Australia)
52. Markus Sedlak (Austria)
53. Attila Kovacs (Hungary)
54. Ryan Hunt (Australia)
55. Remigiusz Oleszkiewicz (Poland)
56. Nicolas Siedl (Austria)
57. Maciej Chmiel (Poland)
58. Sergey Maltsev (Russia)
59. Robert Kulesza (Poland)
60. Matthew Walker (New Zealand)

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