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UCI MTB World Cup XC #5 – Women’s Report

June 25, 2005 (Mont Ste-Anne, Que.) РMarie-H̩l̬ne Pr̩mont (CAN, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects), the darling of Canadian cycling, fulfilled her dream today, when she won cross-country World Cup #5 on home soil. The resort of Mont Ste-Anne is only a few kilometres away from her hometown of Chateau Richer, Que.

The heat and humidity didn’t seem to affect the 27-year-old Prémont when she passed archrival and World Cup Series leader, Gunn-Rita Dahle (NOR, Multivan-Merida) near the end of the fourth of five hot, rugged laps. Each loop consisted of five kilometres of relentless terrain, changing quickly from steep, short climbs, to rooty, rough descents.

By the end, a thrilled Prémont had put 2:45 into Dahle, the biggest time gap Dahle has seen in a long time. When Prémont beat the Norwegian powerhouse in the first World Cup of the season in Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium, it was the first time Dahle had been beaten in over a year, and that gap was under a minute.

A beaming Prémont waved to her roaring fans as she crossed the finish line. The blinding smile was still in place on the podium and it will probably be a while before it fades.

Sabine Spitz (GER, Specialized), who has been proving herself of late on the circuit, finished third. She was second in World Cup #4 in Willingen, Germany on June 4. Spitz was over five minutes back from a motivated and motoring Prémont.

Canada’s Kiara Bisaro (CAN, Gears Racing) sneaked into the top 10 with a ninth-place ride. Trish Sinclair (CAN, Scott USA) placed 11th, Canada Cup leader Mical Dyck (CAN, Terrascape Racing) had a great race, snatching up 15th spot. Amanda Sin (CAN, Bay Cycle-3 Rox Racing), Julie Sanders (CAN, Xprezo) and Catharine Pendrel (CAN, The Bike Barn) also had strong rides, placing 17th, 18th and 20th, respectively.

Results – 5 laps, 25.9 km
1. Marie-Hélène Prémont (CAN, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) 1:53:34
2. Gunn-Rita Dahle (NOR, Multivan-Merida) at 2:45
3. Sabine Spitz (GER, Specialized) 5:13
4. Willow Koerber (USA, Subaru-Gary Fisher) 6:13
5. Mary McConneloug (USA, Seven Cycles-Kenda) 6:56
6. Irina Kalentieva (RUS, Multivan-Merida) 8:43
7. Lene Byberg (NOR, Multivan-Merida) 9:11
8. Kelli Emmett (USA, Ford Cycling) 9:18
9. Kiara Bisaro (CAN, Gears Racing) 11:38
10. Ivonne Kraft (GER, German National Team) 13:23

Other Canadians
11. Trish Sinclair (CAN, Scott USA) 13:26
15. Mical Dyck (CAN, Terrascape Racing) 17:56
17. Amanda Sin (CAN, Bay Cycle-3 Rox Racing) 19:41
18. Julie Sanders (CAN, Xprezo) 20:08
20. Catharine Pendrel (CAN, The Bike Barn) 21:36
22. Wendy Simms (CAN, Frontrunners) 24:27
24. Kasandra Cote (CAN, Xprezo) -2 Laps
25. Sandra Walter (CAN, AdventureBound.ca) -2 Laps
29. Sophie Fortin (CAN) -2 Laps
31. Mathilde Hupin-Debeurme -2 Laps
33. Anne-Marie Jobin (CAN) -2 Laps
34. Elsie Torresan (CAN) -2 Laps
35. Brigitte Lacaille (CAN) -2 Laps
37. Caroline Villeneueve (CAN) -2 Laps
38. Marisol Bernier (CAN) -2 Laps
39. Marie-Helene Cote (CAN) -3 Laps
41. Allison Gaudaur (CAN) -3 Laps

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