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UCI MTB World Cup MSA DH#4 Report and Photos – Gatto’s First WCup Podium

by Fraser Britton

June 25, 2012 (Mont-Ste-Anne, QC) – Sunday dawned with clear skies, perfect dirt and a legendary track looking to be conquered here at Mont-Ste-Anne. This year it was Aaron Gwin (USA) Trek World Racing and Rachel Atherton (Gbr) GT Factory Racing taking home the wins on this prestigious track.

It was also a banner day for Canada, with Micayla Gatto (PerformX Young Guns) getting her first ever World Cup podium in 5th, followed by teammate Casey Brown in 6th. Steve Smith (Devinci Global Racing) was 7th on the day for the men.

The modifications to the track this year have made it one of the fastest tracks – if not the fastest – on earth. Speeds through the high-speed sections topped out at over 60km/h, over loose gravel, grass and square edged rocks.

Gwin was stoked with yet another victory, and winning is still not getting old. “Every win is special. We’ve been working at this since I was four years old, my family and I going to the BMX track. Watching Ricky Carmichael and others guys win all sorts of races and wondering, what do I have to do to get there?

“We’ve put everything we had into it. Each win is hard, they don’t come easy, it’s a tough sport and some rough tracks the last few weeks. Lately it’s been working out, and whether it does or it doesn’t, we’re all still having fun just riding bikes. It’s a challenge to race on this track, but this is probably the funnest track I’ve ever ridden.”

For Atherton it was a satifying win, “The run was alright, it’s hard to find the speed. It’s such a fast track you have no idea idea how fast you are going. I just kind of tried to relax, but it was a good run in the end. I made a few errors at the bottom, but you can’t race without mistakes these days.”

Perhaps the happiest of all was Canada’s Micayla Gatto taking home her first world cup podium. “It was awesome. I hit all of my lines and I’m absolutely over the moon. The only thing i could have done better was pedal more. Other than that my run was pretty awesome. I’m so stoked. I’m also absolutely soaked with champagne, it’s ok though – I can wash my clothes.”

Steve Smith on the other hand, was not happy, but still managed a smile. “How did my run go…? I’m sad to say my run was awesome today. That’s why I’m so upset. To have an awesome run and finish 7th is kind of a let down.

“Times were tight and the track was unreal, my bike was unreal. The track here isn’t made up in one section, it’s milli-seconds everywhere and I just didn’t push enough top speed. You’re getting me now that I’m calmed down. If we were doing this 20 minutes ago, there would definitely be more swear words and a lot more negativity!”

Women’s results HERE.
Men’s results HERE.

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