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UCI Mountain Bike World Cup XCO #3 La Bresse U23 Men Full Results – Disera 17th

by pedalmag.com

May 29, 2016 (La Bresse, FRA) – Peter Disera led Team Canada making the top 20 with a strong 17th-place finish in the 5-lap U23 Men’s 21.625km race early this morning in La Bresse at round #3 of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup XCO. Titouan Carod (Fra) Scott Creuse Oxygene Gueret took the win at home with compatriot Romain Seigle (Fra) Focus Rotor G-Skin Racing Team in 2nd and Samuel Gaze (Nzl) Specialized Racing who won the last round in Albstadt, GER, in 3rd.


1. Titouan Carod (Fra) Scott Creuse Oxygene Gueret    1:12:59
2. Romain Seigle (Fra) Focus Rotor G-Skin Racing Team    2:05
3. Samuel Gaze (Nzl) Specialized Racing    2:49
4. Marcel Guerrini (Sui) Focus XC Team    3:08
5. Simon Andreassen (Den) Specialized Racing    3:25
6. Sebastian Carstensen Fini (Den) CST Superior Brentjens Mountainbike Racing Team    3:35
7. Antoine Bouqueret (Fra) Scott Creuse Oxygene Gueret    3:45
8. Andri Frischknecht (Sui) Scott-Odlo MTB Racing Team    3:48
9. Ben Zwiehoff (Ger)    3:51
10. Raphael Gay (Fra) Scott Creuse Oxygene Gueret    4:26

17. Peter Disera (Can) Team Canada    6:23
39. Marc-Antoine Nadon (Can) Team Canada    9:56
52. Marc Andre Fortier (Can) Team Canada    11:23
63. Alexandre Vialle (Can) Team Canada    12:52
68. Raphael Auclair (Can) Pivot Cycles – OTE    -1 Lap
79. Felix Burke (Can) Team Canada    -1 Lap
84. Rhys Verner (Can) Kona Factory Team XC    -1 Lap
104. Felix Belhumeur (Can) Pivot Cycles – OTE    -1 Lap

Full results here.

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