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UCI Modifies Approval Procedure for Frames

release by the UCI

February 24, 2011 (Aigle, Switzerland) – Following a meeting organised in Aigle on 13th and 14th January to which the manufacturers concerned were invited, the International Cycling Union (UCI) has decided to modify several points in the approval procedure for frames and forks, taking into account the remarks made during the meeting.

The UCI sent a letter to the manufacturers on 27th January to inform them of the modifications to the procedure.

The main change is the appearance of an intermediate procedure for the “mono-block” models used during road races and cyclo-cross, as well as for the “mono-block” models with back-dated (ie prior to 2011) approval, which is simpler than the comprehensive procedure originally envisaged for this type of frame.

The intermediate procedure comes in addition to the comprehensive procedure (which concerns “mono-block” models used during road time trials and track competitions) and the simplified procedure (for “tubular” models).

In addition, the cost of the different procedures has been reduced. This overall reduction can be envisaged for three reasons: the addition of the intermediate procedure (less costly), the simplification of the steps to be taken in the comprehensive procedure and a much higher number of approval requests than envisaged by the UCI.

The cost of the comprehensive procedure now amounts to CHF 5,000 (Swiss Francs), that of the intermediate procedure CHF 3,000 and that of the simplified procedure CHF 500. In all three cases, this covers the approval of a maximum of 8 sizes. Manufacturers wishing to approve a greater number of sizes will be asked to pay an additional modest sum (between CHF 50 and CHF 500 per size depending on the type of procedure).

It is important to note that the amounts mentioned are to cover the costs of approval. The UCI will not make any benefit from this process. The price to be paid by the manufacturers could be adapted in the future depending on the evolution of the project’s finances.

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