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UCI Management Committee Meeting Update – 2008 Worlds Sites Announced

September 25, 2007 (Stuttgart, Germany) – The Management Committee of the International Cycling Union (UCI) met on 25 September in Stuttgart, Germany. During the meeting, the Committee awarded the following UCI World Championships for 2010:

– Cyclo-cross: Tabor (Czech Republic)
– Mountain bike: Mont Sainte-Anne (Canada)
– Mountain bike marathon: Saint-Wendel (Germany)
– Road: Melbourne (Australia)
– BMX: Pietermaritzburg (South Africa)

The Management Committee then approved the membership of the following new National Federations: Peru, Afghanistan, Lesotho and Sao Tomé.

Regarding the participation of riders who have not signed the “Riders’ commitment to a new cycling”, the Management Committee wishes to express its deep dissatisfaction with those Federations who have not contributed to the success of this initiative. The UCI wishes to point out that it does not have the right to forbid riders from taking part in the events of the Road World Championships in Stuttgart on the grounds that they have not signed the document. It nevertheless has serious concerns regarding the reasons that would lead a rider to refuse to make a personal commitment against doping.

The Management Committee approved the composition of the new UCI Anti-Doping Commission, the entirety of whose membership has been replaced. It now has four members:

– Chair: George Ruijsch Van Dugteren (South Africa)
– Scientific expert: Peter Hemmersbach (Germany)
– Medical expert: Chris Jarvis (Great Britain and Canada)
– Legal expert: Joseph De Pencier (Canada)

Still on the subject of the anti-doping campaign, the Management Committee took the following positions and made the following decisions:

– It welcomed the initiative of the IPCT (International Pro Cycling Teams), which has decided to fund additional out-of-competition doping tests (+75%), to be managed by the UCI, the results of which will be forwarded to WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency);
– All riders who are members of a UCI ProTeam will be included in the target group of riders obliged to give precise information on their location; the total number of such riders will therefore increase to 800;

– The UCI will pursue the development of a “˜forensic’ approach to anti-doping, in collaboration with the Lausanne Laboratory and the University of Copenhagen. This approach will give access to expertise from the domain of legal medicine to better combat doping.

The Management Committee also approved modifications to the rule regarding extending medical monitoring to all the Olympic disciplines (road, track, mountain bike and BMX).

Looking ahead to the next generation of cyclists, the Management Committee welcomed the addition of cycling to the programme of the first Youth Olympic Games, which will be organised in the summer of 2010. This event will bring together around 3,500 athletes aged between 14 and 18 from 205 countries. The programme will feature BMX, mountain bike and road racing.

Finally, the Management Committee approved the 2007-2008 calendars for road events (UCI Continental Circuits, Elite Women, Junior Women and Junior Men), and the 2008 calendars for mountain bike, cycling for all and indoor cycling. These calendars may be consulted on the UCI website (www.uci.ch).

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