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UCI Clarifies Cancellation of Olympic Track Events

June 16, 2005 – Following numerous speculations regarding the decision to remove the Men’s Kilometer Time Trial and Women’s 500m Time Trial events from the Olympic track cycling program in Beijing 2008, the UCI (International Cycling Union) is eager to clarify it’s decision.

The International Olympic Committee had approved the introduction of the BMX in the Olympic Games program on the condition that it would not have to increase the number of medals awarded globally to cycling.

Therefore, the decision to remove the events in question ensued exclusively from a detailed study led by the UCI, which was ultimately responsible for this choice. Any other interpretation of this matter is not realistic and must be considered erroneous.

The UCI also reminds everyone that its decision was taken with the view to protect the opportunities for participation in the Olympic Games by the largest number of athletes, given that the specialists in the events being removed are generally registered in the individual and team sprint events as well.

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