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UCI BMX Continental Series #1 Kingston — Report, Full Results and Photos

August 25, 2007 (Kingston, ON) — How sweet it is, Canada’s Sam Cools taking the gold at home! Racing against Jill Kintner (USA), who took 5th at the UCI Supercross in Beijing, and the likes of Kim Hyashi (USA) and Amanda Geving (USA), Cools raced with the fire in her eye and drive to win.

Through the motos she played it safe, especially when the track was dampened by a brief rain. In the main she took the lead with Stephanie Barrigan (USA), until Kintner passed Barrigan in the second turn. Kintner put the heat on Cools but Cools kept her focus and strength right to the finish line. It was great to see her race like herself again, and even more exciting to see her beat competitors who competed in Beijing on the Olympic course last week.

In the Elite men’s action, it was Donny Robinson (USA) & Randy Stumpfhauser (USA) who took the lead in the main, until both locked bars & crashed hard coming out of the first turn, causing the other riders to scramble for position. Mike Day (USA) navigated perfectly around the crash and hammered down leading the pack to the finish line, but not without Robert De Wilde (Ned) in his shadow until the finish. It was a tough day for Robinson fresh off his win at the UCI Supercross, who finished eighth, but an even bigger disappointment for 2007 BMX World Champ Kyle Bennett (USA), who was shut out of the main during the semis – but that’s BMX.

The event organizers did an exceptional job getting the track ready after it rained again on Friday night, and the crowd was treated to an awesome day of racing by the world’s best. The next stop on UCI North American Continental race series, round #2, will be at Ridge Meadows, B.C. in September.


Elite Female (13 Riders)
1. Samantha Cools (Can)
2. Jill Kintner (USA)
3. Stephanie Barragan (USA)
4. Amanda Geving (USA)
5. Kim Hayashi (USA)
6. Danielle Brisson (Can)
7. Toni Rude (USA)
8. Arielle Martin (USA)
Rachel Smith (USA)
Rosemary Adams (Can)
Sarah Biron (Can)
Christine Miller (Can)
Karin Newcombe (Can)

Junior Male (5 Riders)
1. Douglas Hayes (USA)
2. Alexander Sailer (Can)
3. Andrew Harper (Can)
4. Kyle Pearson (Can)
5. Davier Couture (Can)

Elite Male (22 Riders)
1. Mike Day (USA)
2. Robert De WILDE (Ned)
3. Patrick Lebel (Can)
4. Mischa Partridge (Can)
5. William Greathouse (USA)
6. Randy Stumpfhauser (USA)
7. Daniel Caluag (USA)
8. Donny Robinson (USA)
Matt Pohlkamp (USA)
Bob Rowley (Can)
Jason Rogers (USA)
Kevin Hill (Can)
Greg Bidwell (Can)
Adam Muys (Can)
Kyle Bennett (USA)
James Brown (Can)
Jordan Hulme (Can)
Chris Dasilva (Can)
Tyler Simpson (Can)
Sebastian Tejada (Col)
Damian Lachance (Can)
Scott Erwood (Can)

13 Female (4 Riders)
1. Ashly Kenney (Can)
2. Veronica Seitz (Can)
3. Olivia Pasut (Can)
4. Kaitlyn Richard (Can)

6 Novice Male (6 Riders)
1. Sheldon Tryon (Can)
2. Shawn Seitz (Can)
3. Blaise Briggs (Can)
4. Grant Colwell (Can)
5. Ben Morris (Can)
6. Justin Rowley (Can)

7 Intermediate Male (5 Riders)
1. Bayden Parent (Can)
2. James Hedgcock (Can)
3. Jakob Beacock (Can)
4. David Richard (Can)
5. Jacob Abbott (Can)

8 Novice Male (9 Riders)
1. Alyssa Seitz (Can)
2. Roddy Kimmerer (Can)
3. Andrew Searles (Can)
4. Emily Macpherson (Can)
5. Eric Labrie (Can0)
6. Kennedy Cruess (Can)
7. Cole Edwards (Can)
8. Silas Leslie (Can)
Jacob Clarey (Can)

9 Intermediate Male (8 Riders)
1. Jared Mezzatesta (Can)
2. Noah Lane (Can)
3. Bailey Bertrand (Can)
4. Joseph Clarey (Can)
5. Nicholas Doyle (Can)
6. Clay Hayes (Can)
7. Blake Young (Can)
8. Jackson Bennett (Can)

10 Intermediate Male (9 Riders)
1. Raphael Ouellet (Can)
2. Tyson Briggs (Can)
3. Grant Stevens (Can)
4. Jack Goerke (Can)
5. Joshua Seitz (Can)
6. Wesley Hollingsworth (Can)
7. Zakery Jensen (Can)
8. Jake Saunders (Can)
Scott Thomas (Can)

10 Expert Male (6 Riders)
1. Pol-Emil Doucet (Can)
2. Anthony Richard (Can)
3. Alex Lamy (Can)
4. Luke Aulthouse (Can)
5. Darren Couto (Can)
6. Anthony Houde (Can)

12 Novice Male (7 Riders)
1. Tanner Briggs (Can)
2. Taylor Aylesworth (Can)
3. Brendon Bertrand (Can)
4. Jake Sousa (Can)
5. Jon-Ross Bradshaw (Can)
6. Lane Aulthouse (Can)
7. Guy Lachance (Can)

12 Intermediate Male (7 Riders)
1. Brodie Young (Can)
2. Rj Guba (Can)
3. Dylan Vankoughnet (Can)
4. J. J. KOCSIAN (Can)
5. Nathan Vankoughnet (Can)
6. Brock Cruess (Can)
7. Cody Macrae (Can)

12 Expert Male (7 Riders)
1. Matt Dilon BELLERIVE (Can)
2. Adam Lane (Can)
3. Cole Chiddle (Can)
4. Braden Wood (Can)
5. Callum Schaus (Can)
6. Willem Clarey (Can)
7. Liam Clarey (Can)

13 Expert Male (7 Riders)
1. Francis Lamy (Can)
2. Thierry Ouimet-Arbour (Can)
3. Bryan Lapointe (Can)
4. Corey Walsh (Can)
5. Maxime St-Arnaud (Can)
6. Jayson Mackinnon (Can)
7. Hunter Foster (Can)

14 Novice Male (8 Riders)
1. Mathieu Joyal (Can)
2. Cody Guerin-Thompson (Can)
3. Amelia Walsh (Can)
4. Cole Wood (Can)
5. Micheal Shillington (Can)
6. Alexane Couture (Can)
7. Kole Frank (Can)
8. Robert Babiak (Can)

15 Expert Male (6 Riders)
1. Keyven Tellier-Lambert (Can)
2. Jean-S_bastien Houde (Can)
3. Kyle Lourenssen (Can)
4. Chance Herrington (Can)
5. Austin Harper (Can)
6. Martin Robidas (Can)

16 Novice Male (6 Riders)
1. Tanner Garniss-Marsh (Can)
2. Jonathon Babiak (Can)
3. Dylan Robertson (Can)
4. Caelin Schneider (Can)
5. Charles Hokayem (Can)
6. Scott Simpson (Can)

30 and Over Male (8 Riders)
1. Hugo Leduc-Benoit (Can)
2. Davier Couture (Can)
3. Craig Martin (Can)
4. Simon Lessard (Can)
5. Patrick Lambert (Can)
6. Paul Goebel (Can)
7. Ricardo Figueiredo (Can)
8. Christopher Kohar (Can)

Elite Cruiser Male (4 Riders)
1. Andrew Harper (Can)
2. Kyle Pearson (Can)
3. Sebastian Tejada (Col)
4. Karin Newcombe (Can)

Cruiser 13 and 14 Male (5 Riders)
1. Tanner Garniss-Marsh (Can)
2. Sterling Evans (Can)
3. Brock Cruess (Can)
4. Hunter Foster (Can)
5. Wade Hammond (Can)

Cruiser 30 to 34 Male (6 Riders)
1. Alexander Brancier (Can)
2. Alexandre Fiset (Can)
3. Craig Martin (Can)
4. Dominic Picotte (Can)
5. Adam Mcallister (Can)
6. Ryan Colwell (Can)

Cruiser 45 and Over Male (7 Riders)
1. Horacio Couto (Can)
2. Campbell Milliken (Can)
3. Marc Andre DOUCET (Can)
4. Jean-Marc Coutur (Can)
5. Martin Ouellet (Can)
6. Michael Pavao (Can)
7. Bruce Parent (Can)

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