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UCI and CPA Meet in Geneva

March 26, 2008 (Geneva, Switzerland) РThe CPA (Cyclistes Professionnels Associ̩s) met with the UCI in Geneva on Tuesday to discuss the disciplinary consequences for riders who participated recently in Paris-Nice. A delegation of riders expressed their grave concerns regarding the state of professional cycling. The CPA also explained how the riders find themselves in very weak position in this context.

The UCI explained that it was sympathetic to the points of view expressed by the CPA and the riders and reminded the participants of the various stages that had led to the current situation. The UCI also made it clear that it is the role of its Disciplinary Commission to decide on the appropriate sanctions for riders who participate in an event which has not been registered on the UCI’s calendar by the French Cycling Federation.

The CPA and UCI decided to step up their exchanges of communication with a view to defending the federal structure which is currently under threat and yet so essential for the protection of the interests of all parties, particularly the riders.

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