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Trinidad “World Series 2005”

May 2, 2005 – Two of Canadian racers, Glen Rendall of Ontario and Murray Carter of Manitoba, are taking part in “˜The World Series 2005’ from April 27th-May 8th. No this isn’t the World Series of baseball but a bike race in Trinidad called the West Indies Against the World. In total there are two criteriums, one in Tobago and one in Savannah, while the rest of the races take place at velodromes in Trinidad – lots of tough, short events to see who the best team is.

Unfortunately on April 30th there was a big crash and many racers went down including our two Canadians. Carter escaped by rebounding off a fence but Rendall wasn’t so lucky. Carter reported, “He went down and is messed up at the moment, it is crazy. They took him to the hospital right away and he is not home yet – 10 hours so far.”

There has been no further update… we wish Glen a speedy recovery. Stay posted!

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