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TransRockies 2005 – Preview

August 3, 2005 – Everything evolves, even the great Canadian Rockies, as ageless and unchanging as they seem, are in constant flux. So it is with the TransRockies, August 7-13, 2005, an event that continues to evolve. It’s TR 2005 and whether you’re a veteran TransRocker or lining up in Fernie, B.C. for the first time, it’s a whole new adventure!

In its fourth year, it looks like the TransRockies has finally found its legs. For the first time in the TR’s short history the event has officially sold out at with over 350 participants, a milestone the organizers should be proud of and one that is sure to be surpassed with each passing year. On August 7th, 175 international teams (two riders per team) will wheel there way into history and into the TR starting chute in downtown Fernie, B.C.

The largest TransRockies ever also promises to be one of the best as organizers have made every effort to improve on the infrastructure and routing of this epic event. Three incredible years of hard adventure and experience have culminated in a TransRockies the likes of which have never been seen before.

Gone are the days of cold showers from a hose in buckets no bigger than a salad bowl! This year TransRockers will enjoy the warm comforts of a 14-unit hot shower trailer at the more remote stages. Also gone are the days of bike wash line-ups that sometimes lasted longer than the actual stages. New bike wash facilities will ensure every TR participant is socializing rather than stagnating in line-ups. Food services have also been beefed up for 2005, literally. Two of the wilderness stage finishes, Etherington and Sandy McNabb, will offer an authentic Alberta-style BBQ feast thanks to new caterer BBQs by Me.

Of course the biggest news for this year’s event has to be the course changes that not only promise less possibility of mud but more single track and more stage finishes in small towns along the route, offering an even greater degree of services and junk food for participants.

With long-range forecasts indicating nothing but sun and host communities bursting at the seams with enthusiasm, this TR 2005 is shaping up to be nothing less than the most spectacular group ride the Rockies has ever seen!

Team Pedal/Kona 2005 will be there once again with ‘live’ reports daily at pedalmag.com – click on the icon on the right side of this page.

Email your support, questions, comments, or suggestions, to pedal@pedalmag.com) as Paul and Pat take on the TransRockies and we will post as many as possible with each daily update.

So grab your lycra and we’ll see you in Fernie!

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