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Track Nationals 2004 Begin!

August 4, 2004 – Track coaches and officials from across Canada met today in Victoria, B.C. to discuss the upcoming Canadian National Track Championships which begins on August 5 at the Juan de Fuca Velodrome. The venue was originally built for the 1994 Victoria Commonwealth Games and has since hosted many national and international competitions.

There are approximately 123 athletes from across Canada in different events all hoping for their chance at a Canadian title. There is so much to think about on the track, and yet these athletes are also aware of the potential hindrances outside the track. The weather is a dreaded force that can delay races for hours and even days. According to one Victoria forecast, the rain is supposed to hold out for Thursday. In any case, rain or shine keep the rubber side down!

Stay tuned for the many exciting days to come!

Schedule of Racing

Thursday a.m.
Flying 200 Meter (Senior M; Senior W; Junior W; Junior M)
1/8 Sprint Finals
1/8 Sprint Repecharge
2000 Meter Individual Pursuit (Junior W)
3000 Meter Individual Pursuit (Senior W; Junior M)
4000Meter Individual Pursuit (Senior M)

Thursday p.m.
Sprint Finals
Scratch Race (Junior W; Senior W)
Kilo (Junior M; Senior M)

Friday a.m.
Team Puruist (Junior M; Senior M)
Flying 200 Meter (Master A; Master B; Master C; Master W)
Sprint Finals
4000 Meter Individual Pursuit-Final (Senior M)
3000 Meter Individual Pursuit-Final (Senior W; Junior M)
2000 Meter Individual Pursuit-Final (Junior W)
Scratch Race (Master A)
Sprint Finals
Points Race (Senior M)
Scratch Race (Junior M)

Saturday a.m.
Olympic Sprint Qualifier (Junior M; Senior M)
500 Meter (Junior W; Senior W)
750 ITT/CLM 500 M (Master B; Master C)

Saturday p.m.
Team Sprint (Senior W)
Team Sprint — Final (Junior M; Senior M)
Kilo ITT/CLM (Master A; CP Div 3-4; LC 1-4; Tandem Mixte; Tandem M/W)
Points Race (Senior W; Junior M)
Scratch Race (Master W; Senior M)

Sunday a.m.
Keirin Qualifier (Senior M; Senior W; Junior M)
2000 Meter Individual Pursuit (Master W; Master C; Master B)
3000 Meter Individual Pursuit (Master A; CP Div 3-4; LC 3-4; Tandem Mixte)
4000 Meter Individual Pursuit (LC 1-2; Tandem M)

Sunday p.m.
4000 Meter Individual Pursuit-Final (LC 1-2; Tandem M)
3000 Meter Individual Pursuit-Final (Master A; CP Div 3-4; LC 3-4; Tandem Mixte)
2000 Meter Individual Pursuit-Final (Master W; Master C; Master B)
Keirin Final (Junior M; Senior W; Senior M)
Points Race (Junior W)
Keirin Final (Junior M; Senior W; Senior M)
Scratch Race (Master B; Master C)
Madison (Senior M)

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