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Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team Wins 100th Race

February 13, 2008 – In a full circle moment, the Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team, with just five riders competing in the Vuelta Ciclista Clasica De La Croc 2008, in Monterrey Mexico, won their 100th race as a team. It has been 25 years since team owner Sean Tucker won his first ever bike race as a fourteen year old amateur cyclist in Monterrey Mexico. “I am so excited for the guys down in Monterrey, Mexico and the work they did over the past week winning a total of four stages out of seven and placing Henk Vogels 2nd overall. Once I received word of the special win, it reminded me of the fact that I won my first race in Monterrey, Mexico and how cool it was that now I own a team and we achieved such a milestone in the same city.”

The group of five riders from the Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team used the seven days of racing to really prepare themselves for the upcoming Amgen Tour of California. The team performed strong during the stage race with podium places in all but the 2nd stage. The heat was on and Ben Day said “The best out of all of this, is that we all feel like we have good legs now. We’re ready for California.” Dominique Rollin was excited after pulling his first Team win for Toyota-United, “I was surprised to hear how quickly the Toyota-United Team had won 100 races. I can’t believe my first win also coincided with the teams 100th. We are off to a good start as a team in what will be a great season. Everyone in Mexico had good plans together and we executed perfectly as a team and it shows with the four wins we had down there.”

Henk Vogels placed 2nd in the General Classification, trailing only Hector Rangel from Mexico who won the yellow Jersey. Here are the complete stage by stage results for Toyota-United.

Stage 1: – Henk Vogels 2nd, Dominique Rollin 5th
Stage 3: – Ben Day 2nd
Stage 4: – Ivan Dominguez 1st, Henk Vogels 4th
Stage 5: – Dominique Rollin 1st, Ben Day 5th.
Stage 6: – Ivan Dominguez 1st
Stage 7: – Ivan Dominguez 1st, Dominique Rollin 2nd
General Classification: Henk Vogels 2nd

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