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Tourinnes-St-Lambert Kermesse Results – Canada’s Johnstone 39th

by pedalmag.com

canadian jerseyApril 15, 2015 – Canada’s NextGen U23 Men’s road cycling team is based in Europe training and racing for two months and competed at the Tourinnes-St-Lambert Kermesse in Belgium on Sunday. Up next is round #3 of the U23 Nations Cup, Côte Picarde, in France on April 15, followed by round #4 ZLM Roompot Tour (Nations Cup U23) in The Netherlands, April 17-19 – read more about the NextGen project here.

1. Remy Mertz (Color Code Aquality Protect) 2:43:00
2. Mathias Van Gompel (Lotto Soudal)
3. Robby Cobbaert (Cycling Team BCV Works Soenen)
4. Germer Cardon (Atom Tops Antiek CT)
5. Rob Ruijgh (Vastgoedservice Golden Palace)
6. Kevin Vandermast (VZW Royal Antwerp Bicycle Club)
7. Tijs Delbaere (Cycling Team BCV Works Soenen)
8. Julien Kaise (Color Code Biowance) 2:43:20
9. Timothy Stevens (Vastgoedservice Golden Palace)
10. Sam Lennertz (Vastgoedservice Golden Palace)

39. Eric Johnstone (Cyclemeisters Bow Cycle) 2:43:30
45. Alec Cowan (Cyclemeisters Bow Cycle)
62. Edward Walsh (Racer Sportif)
DNF Aidan Caves (Cycling BC)

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