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Tour of the Gila Stage 1 Men’s and Women’s Results – Numainville 8th

by pedalmag.com

May 01, 2013 (Mogollon, New Mexico) – Joelle Numainville (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies) lead the Canadian women in 8th at the 117km Stage 1 from Silver City to Mogollon, won by Mara Abbott (Exergy TWENTY16) as the Tour of the Gila gets underway. Janier Acevedo (Jamis-Hagens Berman) took the 151.4km men’s final sprint over Chris Baldwin (Bissell) in second with former SpiderTech rider Lucas Euser (UnitedHealthcare) in 3rd. The top Canuck was Adam De Vos (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes) in 52nd.

Results (brief)

1. Mara Abbott (Exergy TWENTY16) 3:19:48
2. Kristin McGrath (Exergy TWENTY16) 1:58
3. Katie Donovan (NOW and Novartis for MS)
4. Alison Powers (NOW and Novartis for MS)    2:10
5. Andrea Dvorak (ExergyTWENTY16)    2:28

8. Joelle Numainville (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies)    3:20
12. Lex Albrecht (NOW and Novartis for MS)    4:24
30. Jasmin Glaesser (Team TIBCO)    9:03
37 Jenny Lehmann (Trek Red Truck Racing)    10:06
40. Denise Ramsden (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies)    10:33

1. Janier Acevedo (Jamis-Hagens Berman) 3:35:05
2. Chris Baldwin (Bissell) 0:12
3. Lucas Euser (UnitedHealthcare) 0:24
4. Philip Deignan (Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling)
5. Francisco Mancebo (5 Hour Energy p/b Kenda Pro Cycling)    0:39

44. Stuart Wight (Can) Hagens Berman Cycling    0:03:50
52. Adam De Vos (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes)    4:53

54. Marsh Cooper (Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)    5:15
57. Bailey McKnight (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes)    5:25
62. Trevor Connor (Team Rio Grande Cycling) 5:31
67. Chris Gruber (Champion Systems p/b Stan’s NoTubes)    5:48
70. Cody Canning (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes)    5:58
71. Antoine Duchesne (Bontrager Cycling Team)    6:21
77. Jesse Reams (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes)    7:16
83. Garrett McLeod (Team Rio Grande Cycling) 7:20
97. Franois Chabot (Equipe Cycliste Ekoi-Devinci)  9:54
99. Antoine Matteau (Equipe Cycliste Ekoi-Devinci)
101. Nic Hamilton (Jelly Belly p/b Kenda)
114. Jordan Brochu (Equipe Cycliste Ekoi-Devinci)    11:36
144. Felix Bouvette (Equipe Cycliste Ekoi-Devinci)    25:48
DNF Artr Sagt (Equipe Cycliste Ekoi – Devinci)
DNF Sebastian Salas (Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)

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