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Tour of the Battenkill – Team Juvederm-Specialized Race Report

relase by Team Juvederm-Specialized

April 11, 2011 – We entered the one-day classic, Tour of the Battenkill with high expectations and specific goals. We were looking to build off our success at San Dimas and Redlands, and knew that with the strong team we had for this race our chances of putting someone on the podium were very strong.

Both Mary [Zider] and Vero [Labonte] had done this race in previous years, so our knowledge of the course was solid. We knew it would be a race of attrition, but also knew patience would be key for our team. The non-stop hills, rollers and dirt sections would do a bulk of the work on splintering down the field.  

Our team set the tempo and controlled the race from the front. Few others were willing to assist with tempo setting, which left us doing perhaps a bit more work than originally planned.

In the final 15km of the race our team began to execute our plan and began launching some attacks in hopes of getting Lex [Albrecht], Vero or Mary off the front going into the last few kilometers.  

With 3km to go we continued to drive the pace which proved to put the final selection closer and closer to the edge. As we entered the final 800m, Lex positioned herself in the last two corners to hit the final stretch to win the sprint!

It was great to see our plan executed to perfection and come away with a win. It was a great team effort today in the “Hell of the North” of North America – full results here.

1st Lex Albrecht
5th Vero Labonte
15ht Mary Zider
39th Sara Byers

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