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Tour of Somerville — Vives 5th, Petersen 7th

report by Colavita/Sutter Home

May 26, 2009 (Linden, NJ) – The Colavita/Sutter Home Cycling Teams presented by Cooking Light seized the home-field advantage at the 2009 Tour of Somerville, known as the “Kentucky Derby of Cycling.” With spectators lining every inch of the roughly one-mile course, including representatives from team sponsors Colavita USA and Jamis Bicycles, Tina Pic and Sebastian Haedo sprinted to their second consecutive victories.

Capturing her fourth career win, Tina Pic established herself in the pantheon of Somerville champions. The first winner of the Mildred Kugler Women’s Open to successfully defend her title in over 10 years, Tina also took the top honors in 2000 and 2006. Only two other athletes — former World Champion Karen Strong-Hearth and two-time world sprint champion Sue Novara-Reber — have accumulated as many wins in the 30+-year history of the race.

In the 2009 edition, the Colavita/Sutter Home Women’s Team, represented by Kelly Benjamin, Cath Cheatley, Andrea Dvorak, Shontell Gauthier, Rachel Heal, Tina Pic, and Nicky Wangsgard, raced aggressively for 17 laps over the four-corner circuit. The field remained intact until the end, ready to finish in a bunch sprint. Tina launched her sprint from the final corner and crossed the line ahead of Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Verducci-Breakaway) and Laura Van Gilder (C3-Sollay).

“We always race to win,” said Tina. “But the Tour of Somerville is special. Our sponsors are here to support us and we want to do our very best for them.”

In the 50-mile Kugler-Anderson Memorial Tour of Somerville, the Colavita/Sutter Home Men’s Team timed its lead-out perfectly to launch Argentinean sprinter Sebastian Haedo for his second consecutive victory. Teammates Luis Amaran, Alejandro and Anibal Borrajo, Luca Damiani, Guido Palma, Kyle Wamsley, and Tyler Wren worked relentlessly against repeated attacks to keep Sebastian in position. Just before the last corner, Sebastian jumped and overtook Jake Keogh (Kelly Benefit Strategies) and Aldo Ino Iiesic (Team Type 1) on the final straight.

Celebrating his victory, Sebastian acknowledged the support of co-title sponsor Colavita USA and bike partner Jamis Bicycles and the honor of racing before the extended Team Colavita family, including the U23, junior, and recreational teams.

The Colavita/Sutter Home Cycling Teams continue racing next weekend in Montreal with the Women’s Cycling World Cup and Arlington, VA where the men’s team will line up to support Luca Damiani in his quest for a second consecutive win at the CSC Invitational.


Elite and Cat 1 Men

1. Lucas Sebastian Haedo (Colavita Sutter Home P/b Cooking) 1.44.22
2. Jacob Keough (Kelly Benefit Strategies)
3. Aldo Ino Ilesic (Team Type 1)
4. Alejandro Borrajo (Colavita Sutter Home P/b Cooking)
5. Maxime Vives (Planet Energy)
6. Kenneth Hanson (Team Type 1)
7. Kyle Wamsley (Colavita Sutter Home P/b Cooking) 0.01
8. Hugo Houle (Garneau Club Chaussures Ogilvy)
9. Amaury Perez (G.S. Mengoni) 0.01
10. Colin Jaskiewicz (CCB Racing)
11. Emile Abraham (Aerocat Cycling Team) 0.01
12. Chad Burdzilauskas (UCI CT: Kenda Pro Cycling) 0.01
13. Stephen Kincaid (CRCA/ Empire Cycling Team)
14. Eric Barlevav (Team Mountain Khakis)
15. Adam Myerson (Team Mountain Khakis) 0.01
16. William Dugan (CCB Racing) 0.01
17. Clayton Barrows (CRCA/ Empire Cycling Team) 0.02
18. Ian Holt (US Armed Forces) 0.02
19. Jaime Gandara (UCI CT: Kenda Pro Cycling) 0.02
20. Matthew Johnson (CRCA/ Empire Cycling Team) 0.02
21. Rafael Meran (G.S. Mengoni)
22. Bobby Lea (Toyota-united Pro Cycling Team)
23. Jonathan Page (Battley Harley-davidson/sonoma) 0.02
24. Anthony Lowe (WS Unted) 0.02
25. Brendan Cornett (Richmond Pro Cycling) 0.03
26. Vladimir Estevez (Champion Systems) 0.03
27. David Wiswell (GS Mengoni USA) 0.03
28. Jerome Townsend (IF/ Lionette’s Market) 0.04
29. Jared Nieters (Haymarket Bicycles) 0.04
30. Robbie King (IF/ Lionette’s Market)
31. Anibal Borrajo (Colavita Sutter Home P/b Cooking) 0.04
32. Shawn Milne (Team Type 1)
33. Ryan Dewald (Battley Harley-davidson/sonoma) 0.05
34. Valeriy Kobzarenko (Team Type 1)
35. Melito Heredia (Innovation Bike) 0.05
36. Jonathan Parrish (UCI CT: Kenda Pro Cycling) 0.05
37. Ryan Nye (Mvp Healthcare Cycling) 0.06
38. Mark Hekman (Team Mountain Khakis) 0.06
39. Davide Frattini (Colavita Sutter Home P/b Cooking) 0.06
40. Aaron Levin (Herriott Sports Performance) 0.06
41. Jermaine Burrowes (W.S. United)
42. Stephan Dioslaki (Metra/victor Homes/MHP)
43. Mark Light (Liberty Cycle) 0.06
44. Franklin Burgos (Champion Systems) 0.06
45. Eric Tremble (Kenda/raleich Cycling) 0.06
46. Matthew Kressy (Millwork One Racing/weebike.com) 0.07
47. David Martin (Northeastern Hardware) 0.07
48. Rodney Mcewan (Team Mcor) 0.07
49. Marco Aledia (UCI CT: Kenda Pro Cycling) 0.09
50. Cheyne Hoag (Kelly Benefit Strategies) 0.09
51. Michael Joanisse (Nativo Concept) 0.09
52. Scottie Weiss (UCI CT: Kenda Pro Cycling) 0.1
53. Clay Mufret (Kelly Benefit Strategies) 0.1
54. Anthony Taylor (Ccv-hotfoot Cycles/iron Hill) 0.1
55. Amos Brumble Iv (CCB Racing)
56. Adam Farabaugh (Hershey Cancer Institute-GPOA) 0.11
57. Salvatore Scotto Divetta (Speedzone) 0.11
58. Austin Roach (Metlife Cycling Team) 0.12
59. Tyler Wren (Colavita Sutter Home P/b Cooking) 0.12
60. Diego Garavito (Aerocat Cycling Team) 0.12
61. Gilberth Gomez Valverde (Northeastern Hardware) 0.12
62. Randy Smargiassi (Gotham Cyclists)
63. Emilio Asconeguy (Aerocat Cycling Team) 0.12
64. Giancarlo Bianchi (We Stand United (w.s.)) 0.12
65. Joshua Alexander (CRCA/foundation) 0.12
66. Rafal Urzedowski (Northeastern Hardware/ Cjct) 0.13
67. Robert Mcconville (Aerocat Cycling Team) 0.14
68. Igor Volshteyn (Champion System Racing) 0.14
69. Edwin Bull (Van Dessel Factory Team) 0.14
70. Jason Walters (Nature Valley Cycling Team) 0.14
71. David Guttenplan (Team Mountain Khakis)
72. Antoine Matteau (Garneau Club Chaussures Ogilvy) 0.15
73. Matt Inconiglios (Stage 1/fusionthink)
74. Charles (Joe) Eldridge (Team Type 1) 0.15
75. Shane Kline (Kelly Benefit Strategies) 0.15
77. Ryan Anderson (Kelly Benefit Strategies) 0.16
78. Scott Zwizanski (Kelly Benefit Strategies) 0.17
79. David Sommerville (Sommerville Sports World Team) 0.18
80. Fabio Calabria (Team Type 1) 0.19
81. Christopher Gottwald (Hershey Cancer Institute-gpoa-) 0.19
82. Aaron Hubbell (Nuvo Cultural Trail) 0.19
83. Sean Barrie (Battley Harley-davidson) 0.2
84. David Bozak (Clean Currents P/b Don Beyer V) 0.2
85. Paul Burrowes (W.S. United) 0.21
86. Tyler Stanfield (UCI CT: Kenda Pro Cycling) 0.21
87. Todd Scheske (Mvp Healthcare Cycling) 0.21
88. Jason Meidhof (Dc Velo P/s Don Beyer Volvo) 0.21
89. Jonathan Chodroff (Ouch/maxxis) 0.22
90. Luca Damiani (Colavita Sutter Home P/b Cooking) 0.22
91. Benjamin Zawacki (Richmond Pro Cycling) 0.22
92. Jonathan Bruno (IF/ Lionette’s Market) 0.22
93. Barry Miller (Mikefrayssesports.com) 0.25
94. Edward Beamon (Edj Sports) 0.26
95. Todd Yezefski (IF/ Lionette’s Market) 0.27
96. Eugene Petrella (Ccc/keltic Const./zanes Cycles) 0.27
97. Geoff Smith (Watchung Wheelmen) 0.27
98. Cristian Velasquez (Ten Speed Drive/ Bh Bicycles) 0.27
99. Francois Parisien (Planet Energy) 0.31
100. Kevin Wolfson (IF/ Lionette’s Market) 0.31
101. Wilson Vasquez (Champion System Racing) 14.54
102. Remi Mcmanus (UCI CT: Kenda Pro Cycling)
103. Matt Wilson (Team Type 1)
104. Eric Brownell (CRCA/ Empire Cycling Team) 14.54
105. John Minutrn (CRCA/ Empire Cycling Team)
107. Ryan Mele (Richmond Pro Cycling)
108. Scott Jackson (Richmond Pro Cycling Team)
109. Raj Seepersaud (Champion System Racing)
110. Lisban Quintero (CRCA/foundation)
111. Horace Burrowes (W.S. United)
112. Mike Creed (Team Type 1)
113. Daniel Ramsey (Team Mountain Khakis)
114. Spencer Beamer (Team Mountain Khakis)
115. Jackie Sims (Mountain Kakis) 14.54
116. Jake Hollenbach (CRCA/ Empire Cycling Team)
117. Unknown Rider
DNS Joshua Alexander (CRCA/foundation)
DNS Joao Correia (Bissell Pro Cycling Team)
DNS Emerson Oronte (IF/ Lionette’s Market)
DNS Joseph Whitman (Team Alliance Environmental)
DNS Daniel Estevez (CRCA/foundation)
DNF Adam Alexander (CRCA/foundation)
DNF James Carney (Salamander Racing)
DNF Brian Cooblall (Team Ws United/sheepshead)
DNF William Elliston (Van Dessel Factory Team)
DNF J Alain Ferry (Millwork One Racing)
DNF Ryan Fleming (Metlife P/b Unlose.it)
DNF Phillip Gaimon (Fiordifrutta)
DNF Elliot Gaunt (Hershey Cancer Institute-GPOA)
DNF Alejandro Guzman (CRCA/foundation)
DNF Isaac Howe (Mountain Khakis)
DNF Charles Hutcheson (Battley Harley-davidson/sonoma)
DNF Nicholas Keough (Bikereg.com/ Cannondale)
DNF Russell Langley (Battley Harley-davidson/sonoma)
DNF Cody O’reilly (Bissell Pro Cycling Team)
DNF Vincent Quirion (Garneau Club Chaussures)
DNF Jorge Romero (Caico)
DNF Colin Sandberg (Hershey Cancer Institute-GPOA)
DNF Rodney Santiago (Champion System Racing)
DNF Jonathan Sundt (Kelly Benefit Strategies)
DNF Christopher Tirone (Ridley Factory Team)
DNF Euris Rafael Vidal Paulino (Champion System Racing)
DNF Ken Walsh (Talksoft Racing)
DNF Bennet Van Der Genugten (UCI CT: Kenda Pro Cycling)
DNF Jeff Buckles (Richmond Pro Cycling)
DNF Luis Aquino (Champion Systems)
DNF Eric Schildge (Bikereg.com/Cannondale)
DNF Chris Black (Morgan Stanley/Team Spine)
DNF Paul Choo-Weenam (Bradley& Son Racing)
DNF Roselvert Marte (G.S. Mengoni)

Elite and Cat 1/2 Women

1. Tina Pic (Colavita Sutter Home P/b Cooking) 45.49
2. Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Verducci/Breakaway Racing) 0
3. Laura Van Gilder (High Gear Watchung)
4. Melissa Sanborn (Vanderkitten Racing) 0
5. Laura Mccaughey (Salamander Racing) 0.01
6. Erica Allar (Na) 0.01
7. Emma Petersen (Team Ultralink) 0.02
8. Kori Seehafer (Team Type 1) 0.02
9. Brooke O’connor (Nebc/Cycle Loft/devonshire) 0.02
10. Alison Powers (Team Type 1) 0.03
11. Leigh Hopkins (Vanderkitten Racing) 0.04
12. Davina Summers (Australia) 0.04
13. Colleen Gulick (Team Kenda)
14. Amy Mcguire (Hub Racing) 0.04
15. Shontell Gauthier (Colavita Sutter Home P/b Cooking) 0.08
16. Mary Costelloe (Alliance Environmental) 0.08
17. Cath Cheatley (Colavita Sutter Home P/b Cooking) 0.09
18. Kelly Benjamin (Colavita Sutter Home P/b Cooking) 0.09
19. Rebecca Wellons (Ridley Factory Team) 0.1
20. Leslie Jennings (Cyclelife Powered By Specialized)
21. Kate Veronneau (Altarum Women’s Cycling Team)
22. Jessie Maclean (Verducci/Breakaway Racing) 0.11
23. Erica Zaveta (Zaveta Cycling) 0.11
24. Monique Hanley (Team Type 1) 0.12
25. Amity Elliot (Salamander Racing) 0.12
26. Kathleen Billington (Anthem Cycling) 0.13
27. Sinead Miller 0.13
28. Evelyn Stevens (CRCA/radical Media) 0.13
29. Clara Kelly (Nebc/Cycle Loft/devonshire) 0.16
30. Amber Halliday (Australia) 0.16
31. Tricia Carnila (Verducci/Breakaway Racing) 0.21
32. Bridie O’donnell (Australia) 0.22
33. Dale Tye (Altarum Women’s Cycling Team) 0.24
34. Sally Annis (Hub Racing) 0.34
35. Cecelia Pleva (CRCA/ Radical Media) 0.35
36. Colleen Hayduk (Verducci Breakaway Racing) 0.35
37. Jacquelyn Crowell (Team Type 1) 0.35
38. Rachel Heal (Colavita Sutter Home P/b Cooking)
39. Andrea Dvorak (Colavita Sutter Home P/b Cooking)
40. Patricia Black (Morgan Stanley/Team Spine) 0.35
41. Christy Blakely (BMW-bianchi)
42. Liz Leyden (Hub Racing)
43. Andrea Luebbe (Human Zoom/pabst Blue Ribbon)
44. Rachel Herring (Alliance Environmental)
45. Jacqueline Paull (Watchung Wheelmen/high Gear)
46. Kristy Scheffenacker (Altarum Women’s Cycling Team)
47. Debony Diehl (Sunapee S&w)
48. Lauren Shirock (BMW-bianchi) 0.35
49. Nichole Wangsgard (Colavita Sutter Home P/b Cooking)
50. Michele Bote (Altarum Women’s Cycling Team)
51. Lenore Imhof (EPS-Team Riptide Cycling)
52. Veronica Martinez (Hub Racing)
53. Kristy Swope (Team Eps/Css P/b Riptide Cycle)
54. Rachel Warner (Salamander Racing) 10.21
55. Morgan Patton (Team Type 1)
56. Elizabeth Morse Hill (Hub Racing)
57. Julia Farell (Team Ultralink)
58. Diane Castor-Grim (Latitude/ Abrt)
DNS Rebecca Blatt (Team Kenda Tire)
DNS Sarah Caravella (Alan North America Racing)
DNS Samantha Dery (Nebc/Cycle Loft/ Devonshire)
DNS Sheba Farrin (Hub Racing)
DNS Belinda Goss (Australia)
DNS Beth Mason (C3-sollay.com)
DNF Carola Berger (Nebc/Cycle Loft/devonshire)
DNF Kathryne Carr (Sunapee S&w)
DNF Kristine Church (Nature Valley Cycling Team)
DNF Susanne Delaney (Nebc/Cycle Loft/devonshire)
DNF Natalie Dumont (Nebc/Cycle Loft/devonshire)
DNF Josephine Giddens (Hub Racing)
DNF Bianca Grecu (Human Zoom/pabst Blue Ribbon)
DNF Nonnie Howard (Human Zoom/ Pabst Blue Ribbon)
DNF Lisa Jellett (Verducci/Breakaway Racing)
DNF Arley Kemmerer (Hub Racing)
DNF Lauren Kitchen (Australia)
DNF Camie Kornely (Innovation Bike)
DNF Kristen Lasasso (High Gear Cyclery)
DNF Veronica Leal (Team Type 1)
DNF Sarah Sauvayre (CRCA/Comedy Central)
DNF Erin Silliman (Artemis)
DNF Melanie Swartz (Cyclelife Powered By Specialized)
DNF Carlee Taylor (Australia)
DNF Pamela Wahl (Zaveta Cycling)
DNF Eve Mcneill (Dartmouth College)
DNF Wendy Ulmer (Team Cyclelife)
DNF Kirsten Davis (Bww Bianchi)

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