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Tour of Shanghai Results – MacKinnon 12th Overall

by pedalmag.com

November 26, 2016 (Shanghai) – Sean MacKinnon (Can) TeamRace Clean Canada finished 12th overall at the Tour of Shanghai that concluded on Saturday following his strong 6th place result on the 75km Stage 1 Lingang Cup held in the Pudong New Area on Friday, Nov. 25. Evan Burtnick claimed 11th on Stage 2 Caohejing-Hi Tech Park Cup (Shanghai) Circuit 55.8km as the Canucks wrapped up their season finishing second in the Team Classification. “Last stage of Tour of Shanghai 11th. 12th on GC, 14th. 2nd on Team GC! Time to go home! ” tweeted the Team… here are some brief results.


Stage 1 – Lingang Cup Pudong New Area 75km

1. Yehor Dementyev (Ukr) Continental Team ISD-Jorbi 1:49:14
2. Massimo Graziato (Ita) Parkhotel-Valkenburg
3. Nur Amirul Fakhruddin Marzuki (Mas) Terengganu
4. Luke Parker (Aus) Attaque-Gusto
5. Armands Becis (Lat) Rietumu-Delfin
6. Sean MacKinnon (Can) TeamRace Clean Canada
7. Shiki Kuroeda (Jap) Aisan
8. Peter Schulting (Ned) Parkhotel-Valkenburg
9. Milan Veltman (Ned) Parkhotel-Valkenburg
10. Kyeongho Min (Kor) Seoul Cycling

13. Jay Lamoureux (Can) Team Canada
39. William Elliot (Can) Team Canada 2:54
54. Evan Burtnick (Can) Team Canada
58. Edward Walsh (Can) Team Canada
82. Willem Boersma (Can) Team Canada

Stage 2 – Caohejing-Hi Tech Park Cup (Shanghai) Circuit 55.8km

1. Emils Liepins (Lat) Rietumu-Delfin 1:15:47
2. Anuar Manan (Mas) Terengganu
3. Ahmet Orken (Tur) Equipe Nationale de Turquie
4. Massimo Graziato (Ita) Parkhotel-Valkenburg
5. Soden Bradley (Aus) Kenyan Riders Down Under
6. Rasim Reis (Tur) Equipe Nationale de Turquie
7. Shiki Kuroeda (Jap) Aisan
8. Yehor Dementyev (Ukr) ISD-Jorbi
9. Vedat Koc (Tur) Equipe Nationale de Turquie
10. Marco Zanotti (Ita) Parkhotel-Valkenburg
11. Evan Burtnick (Can) TeamRace Clean Canada

30. Jay Lamoureux (Can) Team Canada 0:13
36. Sean MacKinnon (Can) Team Canada 0:15
40. Edward Walsh (Can) Team Canada 0:21
53. Willem Boersma (Can) Team Canada 0:30
55. William Elliot (Can) Team Canada 0:31

Final GC

1. Massimo Graziato (Ita) Parkhotel-Valkenburg 3:04:50
2. Yehor Dementyev (Ukr) ISD-Jorbi
3. Min Kyeongho (Cor) Seoul Cycling 0:03
4. Armands Becis (Let) Rietumu-Delfin 0:04
5. Milan Veltman (Ned) Parkhotel-Valkenburg 0:08
6. Shiki Kuroeda (Jap) Aisan 0:10
7. Peter Schulting (Ned) Parkhotel-Valkenburg
8. Luke Parker (Aus) Attaque Gusto 0:12
9. Sofian Nabil Omar Mohd Bakri (Mas) Equipe Nationale de Malaisie 0:19
10. Canferit Samli (Tur) Equipe Nationale de Turquie

12. Sean MacKinnon (Can) TeamRace Clean Canada 0:22
14. Jay Lamoureux (Can) TeamRace Clean Canada 0:23
30. Evan Burtnick (Can) Team Canada 3:04
49. Edward Walsh (Can) Team Canada 3:25
57. Willem Boersma (Can) Team Canada 3:34
58. William Elliot (Can) Team Canada 3:35

Team Classification
1. Parkhotel-Valkenburg 9:15:15
2. TeamRace Clean Canada 3:07

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