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Tour of California Women’s Stage 2 TTT Report + MORE PHOTOS

by pedalmag.com
Jackson  ©  Andrew Rogers
May 21, 2016 (Folsom, CA) – Canada’s Alison Jackson (Twenty16-Ridebike) was all smiles with her team’s victory in the 20.3km Stage 2 TTT at Folsom. Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam with fellow Canuck Karol Anne Canuel finished second and Team Unitedhealthcare with BC rider, Annie Ewart, grabbed third. Ewart is also sitting 3rd in the SRAM Best Young Rider category. Just off the podium was multi-world champion Marianne Vos and her strong Dutch team, RaboLIV Women Cycling who settled for fourth.

Twenty 16 Ridebiker on the podium  ©  Cor Vos

The biggest story of the day was the unfortunate and unexpected crash for USA’s Rally Cycling including several Canadian riders. Cross winds and plain bad luck saw wheels touch as the squad went down before the halfway point. The good news is that no one was badly injured although Kirsti Lay didn’t finish the race and needed medical attention while Sara Poidevin lost time. The latest word is that Lay is out of the women’s @AmgenTOC.

Rally Cycling  ©  Andrew Rogers
Poidevin was in the QOM jersey tied with current Amgen race leader Megan Guarnier (USA) Boels Dolmans Cycling Team following strong riding on the previous stage as she crested the Emerald Bay climb first to match Guarnier. She was also only 15s down on Best Young Rider jersey at the time.

Boels Dolmans Cycling Team  ©  Cor Vos

There were other crashes as well on the fairly flat course with a few tight turns that caused havoc in the high winds.  “We had our work cut out for us, other teams were hungry for a win, but I’m so impressed with how well our team worked – we’ve been focusing on this course and race–and it paid off,” said a beaming Jackson on the team’s victory.

Jackson  ©  Andrew Rogers
Canuel revealed some surprising team news. “We barely even worked on the TTT and didn’t have much prep time or even have a pre-meeting – it just goes to show you the depth of talent here,” she shared adding the team was ready to protect the leader’s jersey.

Canuel  ©  Andrew Rogers

“It was a demanding course,” commented Ewart. “Our team did amazingly well with such high  competition.”

UnitedHealthcare  ©  Cor Vos
UnitedHealthcare on the podium  ©  Cor Vos
For first year Rally, who enjoyed early TTT success winning the US national championships, there was hope for a more positive outcome and even a podium here – but as fate would have it all bets were off.

Glaesser and team post crash  ©  Andrew Rogers

Pat McCarty, Rally Cycling Director sent us word on the team. “It was pretty windy and the girls were going flat out and crossed up wheels – its just one of those things, just an accident. Unfortunately most of the girls went down.

“Kirsti was the worst off. We are going to get her checked out by the team doctor and see if she needs an X-ray. She landed on her back and hit her head a little bit so we are keeping our fingers crossed nothing is broken.

“The rest of the girls are banged up but overall it could have been worse. At this point were aren’t so much worried about the race as just making sure everyone is ok.”

Lex Albrecht  ©  Andrew Rogers

Guarnier remains in the lead with Kristin Armstrong (Twenty16-Ridebiker) in second and Evelyn Stevens (Boels Dolmans) in third. Canuel is the top Canuck in 21st overall.

Results here.


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